Thursday, 28 June 2012

Exciting weekend

We had a pretty busy couple of days last weekend. First, there was getting up at silly o'clock to watch the rugby - 6am is a ridiculous time for kick off! This meant we were a bit sleepy when we visited Ufton Court for our first wedding venue viewing.

The Elizabethan manor house is gorgeous, but not included in
the summer wedding package without extra charge, sadly

I was really pleased with the venue, as it looks just like the pictures on the website and the people there are wonderfully friendly. We wandered round the house and grounds, as well as getting a proper look at the tithe barn where the ceremony takes place.

We uhmmed and aaahed for a little while, but when they told us they only had one date left in the month we want to marry, we knew we had to make a decision quickly. So we did. Our wedding is provisionally booked for 11th May 2013! The registrar is booked, and the caterer has been approached. It's all systems go! 

The tithe barn viewed from outside the Archery Hall


  1. Wedding planning can be such a PITA. But, you seem on top of things and that's grand :)

    And yes, 6am is too early for any sort of sporting event. Always.

  2. What a beautiful and serene place to get married. Congrats, Tink! Yea! Venue and caterer down!

  3. It looks beautiful. I think you have found somewhere quite special.

  4. It's gorgeous! Feels like you're in the middle of nowhere but it's less than fifteen minutes away from a major motorway and only twenty minutes away from our house!

  5. I have already been informed by Jamie that I am not allowed to turn into Bridezilla, so I thought I'd best get organised early so it doesn't get stressful!

  6. Such a gorgeous venue! The barn looks amazing, I love the interior. As a person who has a weird thing about numbers/dates, I'm a big fan of your provisional wedding date too ;)

  7. I am glad my date meets with your approval :) I'm also pleased, as I've managed to sneak the wedding in just before my 30th birthday.

  8. Congratulations! The venue looks lovely.

  9. Oh how lovely and exciting!


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