Saturday, 30 June 2012

Year of Projects 2011-2012 Final Post

So this is it. The final day of the inaugural Year of Projects is here. It's been an absolute blast. Kudos to Keri for coming up with the idea in the first place and a massive thank you to everyone in the Ravelry group for getting on board and getting stuck in.

My original list has changed multiple times over the past twelve months, as you can see from my page! I started with 20 patterns, fairly evenly split between knitting and crochet. By the end, I'd added another five, and removed a total of 12. That leaves thirteen projects to have completed in the last twelve months...

I present to you my eleven finished projects from the list! Clockwise from top left:
The other two projects still on the list are not finished, but they are well on the way to being done. The Cherry Wrap is still waiting the time and space to be blocked and seamed, whereas Eleonora is progressing nicely and should be finished soon.

Lets not forget, that as the first Year winds to a close, a second Year of Projects will be starting tomorrow! I've already set up my new page and decided on at least half of the patterns I'll be using in the coming year. I'm hoping that this year I will not get too distracted with projects not on the list, and stand a better chance of finishing them all.


  1. Congrats- that's such a cool achievement!

  2. Great collage Tink! I really admire how you went all out in patterns for YOP. I'll be watchin' from the sidelines for your progress on Year 2.

  3. Wow Tink they all look great together. You have done really well especially when you think of all the other projects you have done inbetween, as well as moving house etc. Wish I could knit as well as crochet.

  4. Congrats!  We did it!  Your projects are so lovely and you should be so very proud of what you accomplished this past year.  How did that year pass so quickly? Off  to read your new page.....


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