Thursday, 7 June 2012


I suddenly realised the other day that our niece's Christening is in a couple of weeks, and I hadn't even started on her present yet! I really didn't have a clue what to make, but when I was sorting out my hats, scarves and gloves I found a shawlette I'd been given which I had never worn, not being the right colour or style for me. So I have painstakingly undone the rather irritating picot bind off, and re-wound the yarn to use again.

Not having any clue what the yarn is, I had to do some weighing and measuring to figure out that I have approximately 420 yards of what I think is sport weight yarn. It feels like it might be cotton or a cotton blend, but I'm not sure. I've chosen a pattern, and because speed is of the essence, I've opted for a crocheted cardigan. She'll be around 9 months old by the Christening, so I'm doing the 12/18 months size, in the hope that it will be too big now and she'll grow into it!

I'm quite glad I have a baby girl to knit/crochet for, because I can't think of anything else this yarn could be used for.


  1. Those will be great colors for a cardi!

  2. The yarn looks perfectly bright for a little baby!

  3. Cunning plan ;) I can see why that yarn would be better suited to a baby girl!


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