Thursday, 6 September 2012

Expanding my nest

Some of you might remember my grand schemes to keep my knitting stash retained within one bookcase. This bookcase, to be precise:

The trouble is, now we've been living here for a couple of months, we've come to realise that although this bookcase is excellent for storing the yarn I'm not using right now, it's not very handy for keeping works in progress in, or easily accessing my needles/stitch markers etc. I started to spread across the rest of the room.

First up came the liberation of a basket to store my WIPs in. It was meant to sit underneath the nesting coffee tables, but very quickly moved to the other side of the room next to the TV as it was easier to get into there. But it was soon full, as the sofa bed afghan takes up a lot of room! I spread to the coffee table next to the sofa (you can just see it in the photo above, with the very sad looking pot plant sitting on top), and the main coffee table in the middle of the living room. 

I know, the peace lily has seen better days. If we can't rescue it a fourth time
we will have to throw it out and get a new plant for this room
We were tidying up on Sunday, and my wonderful almost husband turned to me and said "you know, what you could really do with is a set of drawers or shelves or something to go in that space, so you can put all your knitting stuff there instead of spreading over the tables". Within five minutes I had gone online, reserved a matching bookcase and left the house to go pick it up.

As this is the ninth bookcase of this variety that we have bought, I am quite adept at putting them together so had it built within ten minutes of getting it home.

For now I have just filled it with the things that were there on and under the table before I moved it. When I get a chance, I will go through the taller shelves and rescue all of my needles etc and find a space for them on here too. I may even make a needle storage device that will hang down the side, so my needles and hooks are really accessible. Another side effect, thanks to this set of shelves not being so deep as the coffee table, is that now you can actually sit on both sides of this sofa and have somewhere to put your feet!


  1. My stash cowers in your stash's presence.

    I had organized my stash prior to my move, and over the last few months, it's gotten superbly messed up again. *sigh* It's a constant battle. I've got my WIPs in a small basket and for the most part they're well-behaved but I just don't have the room I need. Perhaps some shelves or something. . .?

  2. You could also get those fabric storage bins if they fit or plastic, rectangular baskets to lay your yarn in and put them into the shelves.
    When I had read husband, I was like wait a minute! She went off and got married already? We missed the wedding deets. Then I went back and saw "almost husband." :O)

  3. My stash, WIP, finished things are all sitting across two baskets (with unused stash in other big basket) I wish I had proper storage to organise them so I can actually see what I have!!

  4. It's been a long standing joke between us and our friends that we've been together for so long and weren't even engaged, that they started to refer to him as my "not-husband" and me as his "never-wife". Now we're planning the wedding, he is my "almost-husband" and I am his "nearly-wife" :)

  5. I rely on my religious detailing of my stash on Ravelry to help me find stuff when I'm looking for new project ideas.

  6. Cunning plan - more storage for knitting/crocheting is always a bonus ;)


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