Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WIP: Sofa bed afghan

I did mean to post this earlier on today, but utterly failed to take photos last night. I've been making solid progress on my sofa bed afghan this week; an evenings work generates at least four of the small squares, or one big one. Last night I was surprisingly productive, making one big square and two little ones.

I've got so many squares now, it's difficult to find the space to lay them out and take photographs! I'm nearly 70% of the way through now, so I've got 52 squares in total with only 23 left to make (5 big, 18 little). It occurred to me today that the one space I do have where I could lay them out to see how far I've got is on the spare bed where the afghan will eventually live.

Handily, this serves multiple purposes. First, look at all those squares! There's loads of them! Second, see how well the colours I've chosen matches the delightful brown colour scheme of our spare room. Third, it gave me the chance to check that the size I'd planned is actually big enough for the bed itself.

Here is my plan, handily colour coded to reflect the layout on the bed. I think it will be exactly the right size once I'm done, as there's an extra round of black to go on every square which will make them all about two inches bigger, plus a border round (yet to be decided exactly what border I will use, as I don't think I like the one that comes with the pattern).

I'm starting to get very excited about finishing this now. I reckon I could have the squares done in a week if I really focus on this and nothing else, although I will be taking my sock to roleplay night tonight as it is far more portable.


  1. I love that!! It looks great with big squares checkered with the small ones.

  2. Oh wow! I love the photo of the squares' layout! Man, you're doing really well on that project. You're almost done.

  3. Love it! It already looks right at home, it'll be fantastic once finished!


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