Friday, 28 September 2012

Not quite a ta-da

I am so, so close to being able to show off my sofa bed afghan. After running out of yarn and therefore running out of time to get it finished ahead of a family visit last weekend, I was determined to get it done as soon as the new yarn arrived.

I crocheted like a demon, and sure enough, two days ago, I finished the epic trial that was joining all of those blocks together.

As you can see from the bottom right pic, I opted for a plain dc border in the grey. That, I finished yesterday. It is huge. Seriously huge. And I utterly failed on the weaving in the ends as I went, managing only the first section before I got too drawn into the crocheting to bother. So now I have a bazillion ends to weave in.

I've laid it out on the bed to get an idea of how it will look, and it looks amazing. But I'm not sharing it until it's properly finished. Which hopefully will give me an incentive to do so, as I really want to show it off!



    I wanna see the finished product!

  2. You are so dedicated Tink. Aye, weaving in ends can be such a pain. You're not a fan of crocheting in the ends as you go?

  3. Definitely want to see this finished. :)

  4. This is an epic project and I can't wait to see it all finished! Get busy weaving....:) I was reading other posts farther down and saw one where you mentioned a project you need the laptop nearby so you can keep count--just wondering if you have a phone with the capability of downloading apps? I have a row counter on my phone! Lest you think I am all that and a bag of chips with my great technology knowledge, I need to tell you that I needed my friend to tell me about it--:)

  5. I have a row counter on my iPhone, but I use the spreadsheet for more complicated tracking of rows and patterns. Also to figure out pattern repeats and ensure I have the right number of rows etc before I start.


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