Thursday, 20 September 2012

New distractions

After my mammoth spring clean of my WIPS, I found myself on the lookout for new projects to start! I know, the aim of sorting out the WIPs was to encourage me to start working on them again, but the joy of finishing my socks meant I wanted to cast on all the things again.

I ran down my YoP list, and settled on Momijigari. I so enjoyed working with the Wollmeise I used for Hypernova that I've been itching to start knitting with my other skein.

I haven't got very far yet, because it was a little confusing at first. I've got the hang of the pattern now, but I do still need to knit this with my laptop by my side, to keep track of the row count and pattern.

Because of that, I found myself needing a more portable project to take with me to roleplay night on Tuesday! Again, I scanned down the list, and settled on the Koolhaas hat.

This gave me the opportunity to finally start knitting with my gorgeous Candy Skein yarn! I wound it by hand, as I didn't have time to wind it using my swift and ball winder before I left. I've done the ribbing, but before I start on the patterned section I am revisiting the sizing of the hat, as it seems rather small. I need to read through the pattern in more detail and understand the decreases and how they work in pattern, to ensure that if I increase the size, I don't screw it up!

I'll save my raving about the yarn for a proper review, because Tami's yarn deserves more attention than just a footnote on this post.


  1. What awesome projects you've started!

  2. But they are both from your list so that makes them okay right?

  3. You always have so many cool projects going on. It's awesome!


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