Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Spring cleaning my WIPs

I had a bit of a tidy up yesterday, after realising my WIP list was getting out of hand. There were WIPs on my Ravelry page that hadn't seen any progress in months!

Granny Square Blanket

First to go was this blanket. What originally started as a grand plan to increase the size of a small granny square blanket I bought for the cat years ago lasted long enough to add ten rounds, before I got bored and put it aside. I left it as a WIP as I always intended to go back to it and keep adding rows, but as I've been getting lots of use out of it at its current size, I decided to give up, call it finished and move on. I still haven't woven in the ends, but meh, it's not the end of the world.


Next to face the axe was this dishcloth; I started it in January (!) and it's been sat in the above state for about six months now. I'd even stolen the needle to work on something else, and left it on a different needle to hold the live stitches. I had no inclination to return to it, and needed the placeholder needle for another project, so this has been frogged. I do still want to knit this dishcloth at some point, so I will return to the pattern again, but not for a little while.

Two more WIPs have been reclassified as hibernating, as they haven't been touched in months either.

Cherry Wrap
Cherry Wrap just needs blocking and seaming. I am hopeful that after a big house clean in anticipation of family visiting this weekend, the living room will still be clean and tidy enough for me to tackle it the weekend after. Part of the reason for stalling on this now, though, is because I'm really unsure if I'll like the finished project!

Poncho resurrection

The sheer volume of ends requiring weaving in on my poncho motifs has led to this project lying forlornly in its bag down the side of the sofa since March. As I have so many ends to weave in on the Sofa Bed Afghan,  it may be a while before I feel up to this, so this one is also now officially in time out.


I got frustrated with the picking up of stitches for the border, so this one has also been sadly neglected. As the weather is starting to turn, I am keen to get this one finished so I can start wearing it to work. I've relocated it from hiding in the WIP basket to staring me in the face from the WIP shelf, so hopefully I will find the enthusiasm to deal with it soon. The silly thing is, once the stitches have been picked up it will be the work of a couple of evenings to knit the border, and then it will be finished.

Cwtch Shawl
I am so close to finishing this. The trouble is, it requires a lot of concentration, as I'm in the border, so taking it anywhere is a no go. I've put it on the shelf next to Eleonora, in the hope that I will be guilted into finishing it soon.

Sofa Bed Afghan
Finally, the Sofa Bed Afghan. This was having a brief pause while I waited to get more yarn. I couldn't get it in Hobbycraft, so I had to order online which meant waiting for a few more days. The yarn has arrived now, so I can get cracking again and get this finished. I'd like to get it done by Friday, as I want it finished and on the spare bed when my visitors arrive! I'm not sure that will be achievable though, as I have now been distracted by some new projects, which I'll tell you about tomorrow...


  1. ::sigh:: I'm sad to see the dishcloth frogged because it is a lovely project (yes, I've made one)...but if you haven't worked on since January and have no clear intentions to do so, I can see what it got frogged.

  2. Good job w/the spring cleanin' = keepin' it real.
    I need to get off my arse and finish that snood.

  3. I knew you'd be sad to see the dishcloth go. I might do a 12 dishcloths in 12 next year so you might see it again soon :)


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