Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Getting back into old habits

We're finally settling back into a normal routine. Last weekend we blitzed the house and did all the housework that had been left while we dashed about getting married and going on holiday!

Gorgeous welcome home flowers from our friends

Having a nice, comfortable living room and no urgent tasks for the evenings is good news for my knitting. I realised it's been ages since I took any progress photos of my current WIPs, so as it's Wednesday, here's where I am with them.

Obnoxious Socks

I took these to America with me, to knit on the plane. I actually got more knitting done in our hotel in Vegas than during the flight, as it was a great way to relax during our chill-out hours between sightseeing and eating in the evening. Can you see how matchy matchy they are? They're not quite identical, but they are close enough. They will be knee high socks, so I still have quite a way to go!

Mrs Tumnus
Mrs Tumnus also came to America with me, but didn't make it out of my carry-on case for the whole trip! I'm still working through the border, so at most I manage two rows a night. I reckon I'm about halfway through the border now.

I'm hoping that now things are back to normal I'll actually start to see some real progress on these projects over the next couple of weeks. Not that I'll need the finished items until the Autumn!


  1. Hooooooray for WIPs :) I need to do some in-progress photos of my stuff. ::sigh:: Perhaps for next week...

  2. Congratulations! Where are the wedding pics? I heard you met our CA friend for lunch....that was cool! The flowers are beautiful....what a nice gesture. The socks are adorable and is that what they mean by self striping yarn? Awesome! I love the little shawl but are those beads you've incorporated or fancy stitch markers? Love that color red too. Enjoy your first "married" Summer! LOL! See you Sunday on YOP hopefully.

  3. There are a few wedding pics a few posts back, I will post more when I am done playing with the official snaps!

    The socks are self striping Regia, and the beads on the shawl are my stitch markers. Lots of stitch markers!

  4. love the matching socks :D

  5. Welcome Home!! What a fantastic time you have had and now to have a clean house is the icing on the cake! Mrs. Tumnus is giong to be so gorgeous, how do you keep from working on it all the time?

  6. The socks have a vintage vibe to them. Cool to see you in a few photos of Renee's post. Congrats again!


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