Sunday, 30 June 2013

Year of Projects - Year Three!

Can you believe it! It's July again (well it will be tomorrow!). That means it's time for round three of the Year of Projects! I've been thinking about my list for a couple of weeks now, trying to take some learnings from the experience of the last two years to create a list that is challenging but also achievable.

I've created a new page for it, click on Year of Projects 3 in the bar under my banner. It's a mix of current WIPs, projects carried over from last year's list that didn't quite make it through, and some more stash to use up. It's shorter, and hopefully I'll get better than about 50% completion rate this year!

It's not too late to sign up, head on over to our Ravelry group to check out the guidance and meet the rest of the team!


  1. We seemed to have learnt similar lessons and have both gone for the heading type list this year, hopefully it works for both of us. I really love your Peerie Flooes hat and its high on my list for colourwork patterns this year after seeing it here first on your blog. It will look great as a winter hat. You have some exciting plans for this year and I really wish you the best with your designing project. I am as ever in awe of anyone who can design and not then get it down on paper. This I'm going to watch with great interest on your blog over the coming year.

  2. Those colours are lovely, I look forward to seeing what you can do with them. Peerie Flooes is fab and would love one myself if I thought I was up to the colourwork!!

  3. I feel better now....I have decided to use more category and amount comitments than specific projects at the moment. I love your yarns and the Peerie Flooes hat is over the moon gorgeous. Good luck on your designing....I would consider myself a VERY accomplished knitter if I did either the Perrie Flooes OR the designing! And you're doing both! You go girl! I love this group!

  4. I'm debating but am rebelling against schedules. It will be fun to see what's going on for your third year.


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