Thursday, 20 June 2013

Getting Sidetracked

I made some wild promises to myself last week that now I was back in my normal routine, I'd get back to blogging on a regular basis. But I seem to have thrown myself so wholeheartedly into doing things I can then blog about, that I run out of time to actually blog about them!

Last weekend I went back to LRP for the first time this year (having missed the first main event on account of it happening the weekend before the wedding, and knowing my luck, I'd have broken my ankle or something if I had gone). There are a surprising lack of photos of me from the event, although thinking about it I wasn't out and about as much as I usually am, on account of having thrown myself down the stairs in our house the night before we left for the event!

One of the things I got up to while I was there, was get myself invited to an In-Character tea party on the Saturday afternoon, hosted by the lovely ladies of the Arthurian-based faction, known as the Lions.

Photo shamelessly stolen off Facebook, I am sure my friend won't mind.
That's me in the bottom right corner - I was late so got stuck with a tiny chair!

Much tea (of the long island iced variety), sangria, Pimms and cake was consumed and it was an incredibly good laugh. So much so, that we're doing it again next event. I foolishly joined the ladies on Sunday afternoon where we discussed the possibilities for making it even cooler, and wound up volunteering to make a girly, Lion themed tablecloth for the Round Table so it looks more ladylike when we're having tea.

I hunted around the internet for ages after I got back, and couldn't find a decent pattern to use. I wanted a rampant lion, as that is the heraldic device used by this particular Faction. Something like these. Unfortunately, despite every effort to take a black and white image and use this rather funky chart creator I couldn't get a chart I was happy with, so settled instead on using this one which is free on's crochet pages:

The lion will form the centre of the tablecloth; I will cheat and use fabric for the rest, as I only have three weeks till the next event and I said I would have it done by then. I'm using the same crochet thread I bought for my filet daffodils which are in hibernation, as I reckon I have spare. I'll use red fabric, and I haven't yet decided to cut a hole in the middle or to just sew the filet panel on top. I may even do a crochet border, if I start feeling cocky, but given the table is 8 foot in diameter I may not!

So, not a project from my current Year of Projects list, not even one from my new Year of Projects list, or a current non YoP WIP. I've let myself get completely sidetracked again.

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