Friday, 21 June 2013

Green fingers

A couple of weeks ago, we treated ourselves to an ice cold jug (well, bowl actually as we didn't own a large glass jug at that point) of Pimms. We couldn't find a bag of cut mint in the supermarket, so Jamie got a growing plant instead. Ever since, it has been sat in the kitchen on the windowsill looking a bit sad because I keep forgetting to water it.

I decided I wanted to plant it, so that next time I wanted Pimms I would have mint on hand. This reminded me that I had a few very well established herbs in the garden in the last house, and it was a shame we didn't have that here. So earlier on in the week, when I was rushing about doing a variety of home related chores, I popped to Homebase and picked up some more herbs.

Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and the supermarket Mint

I tried to find plants that were already looking pretty healthy, as I have a bad track record for killing off herbs. I tried to grow basil from seed once and that didn't go well. The sage was on it's own, but the rosemary, thyme and basil were a multipack Jamie Oliver branded thing. I had to swap around the pots between the various sets they had on display before I had three plants I wanted to take home (yes, I am that person who swaps out the eggs in the supermarket to make sure I take home the biggest ones).

They haven't died yet, so I have high hopes at the moment!

In order to free up the troughs I had to repot my sycamore seedlings. Probably just as well, as they were growing like you wouldn't believe and would soon have outgrown the troughs.

They now have their own pots, and will hopefully do a lot more growing before the winter.

This one is doing particularly well

This one not so much.

I did pick up one other thing in Homebase which I am very excited about - a grow-your-own mushroom kit! I've wanted to give this a go for years.

I'm going to set it up this weekend, as I'm trying to time the crop of mushrooms to be ready after we get back from the next LRP event. I'll let you know how I get on!

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