Friday, 22 April 2011

Photography Friday!

I've talked before about the massive inspiration my Gran is to me, in my painting, knitting and crochet. The photography, though, that's Granddad. One of the few things I know about him is that he was a keen amateur photographer. A lot of my baby photos are beautiful black and white images which he took, and developed himself. So it is fitting that today, on Good Friday, I have some cracking photos to share from my trips out into the sun today.

I started in the garden this morning.
Holly flowers 1


Dandelion Seeds 1

I had to come back inside after about five minutes, though, it was far too hot! I hid indoors from the sun through the hottest part of the day, watching the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and crocheting my fingers to the bone, finally making progress on Ye Liveliest Awefullness. I eventually ventured back out again at about five pm.

I live quite close to the River Thames, so I went for a walk down the Thames path, through Thames Valley Park. There were plenty of people out enjoying the sun, lots of barbecues on the go, children playing, dogs everywhere and so many boats on the river. I didn't really take many shots including the people, I don't feel particularly comfortable photographing strangers! So I stuck to artful nature shots.

Sunlight on the Thames

Trees on the Thames


I managed about an hour out in the sun, but have since been squirrelled away in the living room. Rather depressingly, despite the evening being sunny and bright, I've had to turn the lights on and close the blind! I feel like a traitor to the weather, but we have no natural light at all in the front of the house of an evening, and I need to see my crochet! I'm working on the round baby blanket tonight, hopefully will finish it before too long.


  1. Gorgeous shots! I think your Grandad is with you taoday.

  2. I think I'm jealous that you're getting outside. It's been raining here on and off for the last few days. Today it's just been rainy and cold :( I did get outside with Little Man yesterday but that was yesterday...and tomorrow will just be cleaning for Easter. Hrm.

  3. if it makes you feel better, I have to take a three hour train journey tomorrow (including 40 minute wait for a connection!), and again on Sunday, with nothing but housework to welcome me home afterwards!

  4. Thanks! I particularly like the dandelion shots (there's more on Flickr)

  5. xxxmckingbirdxx23 April 2011 at 19:23

    Those pictures are beautiful, the weather just started to look like that here.


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