Wednesday, 20 April 2011

WIP Wednesday - April 20

Well, as promised on Monday, progress photos for some of my more neglected projects!

I know a fair number of people are quite looking forward to seeing this vest finished (both on- and offline), so just for you, here's some pictures of how it looks today:

From the front...

...and the back.
You can see how long it's getting now. I'm currently working on the C motifs, which make up the bulk of the bottom half. I've got four more C motifs on my current row, then another six underneath, before I move onto the edge squares, the D and E motifs. In total, I've got 26 motifs left to make. I've just started another ball of yarn, including this one I've got three left, plus some bits. Hopefully I'm still on target to finish before I run out!

I know, I've been a bit lazy with weaving in the ends. The pattern recommends you do each motif as you finish it, because then when you get to the end you're done! But last night I was rushing to get another row done, and decided to abandon end weaving in and save time. I think, unlike my Avalon top, I will block this one before I wear it, so that will be an experience!

As I said on Monday, I've finally got round to working some more on the fingerless cabled mitts. On Sunday morning we relaxed in front of the TV (a rather thought provoking documentary about the nature reserve that has sprung up in the irradiated zone around the Chernobyl nuclear facility), I plucked up my courage and started weaving in ends on the first glove.

So I ripped back the four rounds of ribbing, and got on with more cables! An extra two repeats of the cable pattern, to be precise, before adding back the four rounds of ribbing for the cuff. I also experimented with the thumb hole. If you recall, they look like this:

I'm not going to show you what I've done though, because I'm saving that for my FO post! But it's not a full thumb, I don't think they need that.

I'm sure you've noticed by now, in the first shot above, the horrendous clashing of dye lots!

The original glove is paler and pinker than my new ball. Ultimately, I don't think it matters, because the gloves will match perfectly with each other, and the slightly darker yarn looks like it's almost intentional, as it makes up the cuff and the thumb. It's a design feature, daaahling.

He's coming along nicely. I love this project as it's so simple. Getting the fiddly bit out of the way first (the head) means now all I have to worry about is colour changes, which are easy enough. The pattern could be written better, but it's so simple that's not really an issue. I've got six more repeats for the body and the tail decreasing to do, so it will be a while yet I think, before this is done. He's my "I can't be bothered to work on anything complicated" project, along with the round baby blanket.

So that's my WIPs this week, head on over to Tami's Amis and Ambassador Crochet  to see what else folks are working on.


  1. Ambassador Crochet20 April 2011 at 09:55

    Great job on the cables! I can't wait to try some....soon! And that vest is gorgeous! Thanks for adding to my WIP Wednesday.

  2. That vest is gorgeous. I will be back to see it's progress. :)

  3. Sarah - Craftsfromthecwtch20 April 2011 at 13:53

    Wow - that vest is going to be incredible!!!

  4. xxxmckingbirdxx20 April 2011 at 15:03

    Wow, that vest looks intense. I love it. I can't wait to see the mitts for FO friday. Your snake is turning out to be super cute too XD

  5. Nice work on everything! I try to weave in ends on things like that in batches -- I'm not disciplined enough to do it "as I go," but don't want to be depressed by all of them to be done at the end.

  6. I think I will force myself to weave in all the ends still out before I start back on the motifs again. I am looking forward to getting to the final motif and realising that actually, I've already done the boring bits and it's finished already!

  7. I'm hoping to get mitt 2 done by Friday - I've got the house to myself tomorrow evening so I should be able to get it finished!

  8. This is wonderful! Looks a little to complicated for me right now, but your doing a fabulous job! Now following from wip wednesday!

  9. You are so productive! How do you find the time?

  10. Wow, I love that aurora vest! You get so much done! Looking forward to seeing that snake in it's completed form :)

  11. ahhh the snake is sooo cool! I love him :-D I like the vest too!! Its very long!

  12. Everything is looking great!

  13. Awesome stuff! The vest is coming out beautifully. I can't wait until it's finish and we get to see you wearing it! (at least I hope so. LOL) I think the color/dye lot change looks totally intentional, so no worries there.

    What was the name of the documentary you watched? It sounds really interesting.

  14. Yes, I will model the vest for you when it is done!

    I think it was just called "Chernobyl", it was either Discovery Channel or National Geographic Channel. I don't know if it was a new program, or a repeat, we just spotted it on the other week and recorded it!

  15. I don't know! I often feel like I haven't spent enough time on my projects. I guess I just work very quickly when I do get the time, although I do spend a few hours most evenings working on something. Sunday was a pretty lazy day, all I did apart from a trip to the supermarket, was sit on the sofa and crochet!


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