Monday, 18 April 2011

Unintentionally quiet

I realised this morning I haven't posted since my WIP Wednesday update last week. I've been so busy, between work and studying, that I've hardly had time to myself to craft, photograph or blog! I had planned to get at least two WIPs finished in time for FO Friday last week, but I was unexpectedly dragged out (kicking and screaming, I can assure you...) for curry and wine on Thursday evening, so didn't have a chance to get anything done.

I've finally finished my ACCA courses for this session, with the final two days of Advanced Taxation neatly sandwiching the last working week (day four was on Sunday last weekend, day five was on Saturday just gone). This does mean I've effectively done a 7 day week, which was very tiring. I only had Sunday to relax and recover, before this week started again! Luckily, it's Easter this weekend, so only a four day week in work, and then I'm off for 12 whole days. There will be much crafting and blogging about crafting in the next two weeks!

I did get quite busy yesterday though, and have made a fair amount of progress on things. I still haven't quite finished my second pair of Afternoon Tea Fingerless Gloves, but all they need is ends weaving in and blocking, as I managed to get the pearl buttons crocheted on last week. I've added a fair number of rounds to my Coral snake; my new stitch markers are very handy on this project, as I'm using them to keep track of how many rounds I've done for each colour (so much easier than a row/stitch counter). I've woven in the ends on the Rectangular Granny and it is now officially finished. There may be new photos of it on Friday, if I don't have anything else to show off!

One effort from yesterday I am very pleased with, though; I picked up the Aurora Vest again and worked a few more motifs (six, in fact). I'd forgotten how simple this project was! The only problem is I've only got one 4mm hook, which is currently required for this vest and the coral snake and my cabled levelling up gloves, so they have to share. Speaking of the Levelling Up Gloves, I finally got over my fear of weaving in all the ends, and got on with it yesterday morning. One glove is now finished! So there's plenty of exciting progress to photograph tonight to go up on Wednesday.

I've also powered through the Round Baby Blanket. It's a great project for not paying attention to while I do something else - in yesterday's case, the something else was watching Monsters, a very low budget British sci-fi/drama film about two civilians trying to get back to America through an area of Mexico quarantined due to infection by extra-terrestrial life forms. The film was excellent, and I am now only about 8 rounds away from finishing the blanket.

Of course, there had to be downsides to being so busy last week. My 52 Week photography challenge suffered; I had no time to take pictures, the weather turned rubbish towards the end of the week, and I completely forgot about it. So I don't have many pictures to choose from - mostly a variety of shots of the cat sleeping on the granny rectangle that I took to illustrate my post last week. Hopefully one of those shots will be Flickr-worthy, and can count as my photo of the week.


  1. I shall look forward to all the progress pics on Wednesday then! I can't wait to see more of the snake - I may have to learn amigurumi just for that!!!

  2. Did you decide to put a thumb on the Leveling Up Gloves or no?

  3. I've not gone for a full thumb, but did add something to reduce the size of the thumb hole. Will reveal all when they're done!

  4. I have to say, the coral snake is a really simple amigurumi pattern - there's hardly any fiddly bits at all, most of the hard work is getting neat colour changes for the stripes!


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