Thursday, 9 June 2011

H is for... Hair!

I’m not a massively girly girly-girl. Sure I love shoes, and clothes, and getting all dressed up. But somewhere along the way I seem to have missed out on vital lessons I ought to have had in my teenage years. I only know one way to wear make-up, which is why I don’t wear it at all in general day to day, so I can make myself look very different when I do get dolled up.
My main source of girly frustration though, is my hair. When was I meant to have learned how to style my hair?
I have very thick hair, which grows fairly quickly. It has a natural wave, so theoretically will take to being both curled and straightened. All of this is supposed to be good. Naturally, it’s a sort of mousey brown colour, so as soon as I was allowed, I’ve been dying it, which means I haven’t been my natural colour for more than a few months for at least 13 years.
As a youngster, I sported long hair with a fringe (whoever thought fringes were a good idea? I look awful with a fringe! Not to mention the havoc it plays with the skin on your forehead when you hit puberty). My hairstyle didn’t change for years, except for a short period around the age of seven, where my mother finally came through on her threats of “if you don’t stop chewing on your hair, I’ll cut it all off”, and had all my hair cut off.
I'm the one on the right.
Until it grew back, I had to put up with everyone we met assuming I was my older brother’s twin.
I eventually ditched the fringe, but didn’t actually have a hair style, as such. It yo-yoed between chin- and shoulder-length, until I eventually had it styled properly into a layered bob, with my first ever dye job of dark mahogany-red lowlights.

Not the best photo, but the only one I could find!
I suddenly realised that a decent hair cut went a long way towards being able to style my hair how I wanted, instead of it just doing its own thing. My love affair with hair dye also began.

From Top Left (aged 17) to bottom right (about five months ago)

It’s currently the longest it’s ever been, and starting to do my head in a bit. I am getting about six inches chopped off tomorrow afternoon, after my exam.


  1. I know it sounds odd, but the one of you at the top in the middle with crazy short hair....I just really like this one. Besides, completely no fuss. Get up, wash, condition (maybe not), towel, and walk out the door. You wouldn't even need to comb it!

    My face is too round for anything shorter than chin length. *sigh* I want no-fuss hair!

  2. Yeah, it was great from a lack of needing to do anything with it viewpoint! That was my rebellious "I've left school and am off to uni" haircut. Shortly afterwards I bleached it and dyed it purple, but I don't have any pics of that!

  3. I like your first bottom row 'do and the last two.  I love red too but that color fades fast.
    I usually look at Google images for inspiration.  I print out the pics and bring them to my stylist.  I go to an awesome stylist, one who graduated from the Vidal Sassoon for hair and you know Vidal was the godfather of hair.  I gave up dyeing b/c of cost  and I have brown-black, baby fine, straight as chopsticks hair.

  4. I've pretty much given up on trying to maintain reds or blondes, it's just too much hassle. The bottom right pic was after being styled professionally for a wedding (why it looks so nice!) but is roughly the length I'm going back to tomorrow.

  5. What a great collage! It's so fun to see all the different looks you've had. Great idea!

  6. I truly never wear makeup except on very rare ocassions.. I also have NO idea what to do with  my hair. I never learned how to do it and have no idea who I could ask now. My hair is different than my mother's .. her's is straight and thin while mine is thick and curly.

    I look forward to pics after the cut :)

  7. Emma Littlehales10 June 2011 at 00:10

    I'm not surprised they thought you were a boy, but I think your hair looks lovely now! I have to agree, I missed out on the hair styling lessons when I was younger too... Was I ill that day or something?


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