Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Y is for... York

Continuing the theme of waxing lyrical about places I have lived, I have decided that Y should be for York, that lovely old city in the north of England where I lived for three years while I studied at the university.

York Minster
The Minster is probably the first thing anyone thinks of when they think of York. I don't blame them, because it's a fabulous building, wonderful Gothic architecture and so full of history. There's a statue outside the side entrance of Constantine the Great, the first Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity, as he was declared Emperor of Rome while in the city on campaign. It was called Eboracum in those days.

One of the many awesome things you can do while visiting the Minster is to climb the tower, right to the top. I took this next photo, of the flying buttresses, from the halfway point of the climb, where you leave the side tower, walk along the edge of the roof, and access the main tower through a small doorway.

The Minster isn't the only sexy historical building in York. There are loads of churches all over the place, many with important historical connections of their own. For example, in one small churchyard hidden from the main roads, lies the grave of Dick Turpin. Sadly I don't have a photo of that of my own, but follow the link and you'll see it. 

One of many churches, I think this is in the
Walmgate area

The Merchant Adventurer's Hall

Bishop's Palace
I've been back to York twice since leaving. The first time was in December, and as we wandered through the side streets and back alleys known as The Quarter (York is filled with medieval streets and buildings, including the famous "Shambles") we came across the Festival of Angels. The streets were filled with beautiful ice sculptures. There was even an entire drinks bar made from ice! Even though I'd lived there for three years, I'd never actually seen the festival till I visited with Jamie. 

There are so many more awesome things in York that I simply don't have photos of. Cliffords Tower, the Jorvik Viking Centre, the National Railway Museum... The problem is, when I lived there, we didn't have digital cameras! So I didn't take anywhere near as many photos of things as I do now. At some point I will take another trip oop north and get some proper shots.


  1. The history is so neat.  The architecture is phenomenal.

  2. I went to York was I was 8, only thing I remember is how bad the Jorvik place smelled! I'd love to go back and see it properly. Your photos are, as usual, stunning :)

  3. Gods yes, I'd forgotten about the smell. I had a very similar experience at a similar age! I went back with Jamie a few years ago, and it still smells the same :)


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