Monday, 7 March 2011

Picture catch-up

Last week I was so busy, and the weather was so dull, I barely took a single photograph that wasn't of the cat or my crochet projects. Not good for the photo challenge! I had to cop out and pick one of the project shots as photo of the week, which I'm not pleased with.

This week has been a massive improvement already, and it's only Monday. Lots of opportunities, lots of contenders for best shot. Here are a few taster shots.

We made burgers on Sunday. They were delicious.
They had cheese in them.
This was the sky this morning. I am cross now I realise
I caught the corner of the building in the shot.
It was really frosty. In the sun it had melted, in the shade it hadn't.
There's a thin line of frost just exposed that hasn't melted yet.
Cute miniature daffodils randomly spotted on my way to work.

The most awesome sunset greeted me when I got to the station.
I almost missed my train on account of it.


  1. Happymousefairy7 March 2011 at 23:10

    Those two shots of the sky are amazing! And isn't it great to finally see Spring happening.

  2. I like the building corner in the shot. It contextualizes it and makes the shot far more interesting, especially given the grading of the blue from one side to the other.

  3. Yeah, I like it better today than I did yesterday. I think it's a shot that will grow on me.


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