Sunday, 20 March 2011

Time to level up

I was thinking the other day about what I would write for certain topics during Knitting and Crochet Blog Week (click here for details of that!). It occurred to me that since starting crocheting in May last year, I've pretty much covered all the basics there are. I've done granny squares, plus several variations; I've used most of the basic stitches, worked flat and in the round. I've done household items, clothing, and several small stuffed animals. I've worked with a variety of yarns, chunky, aran, dk, fingering; hooks ranging from a huge 10mm down to a tiny 2.5mm. With my daffodils project, I've introduced the final "basic" technique of filet crochet, working with a very fine crochet thread and a teeny 1.5mm hook.

It is time I levelled up.

I got searching on Ravelry, trying to discover what sort of projects I could get stuck into that would be a challenge, requiring new skills. I settled on cables.

I've chosen this free pattern for a pair of cabled fingerless mitts. I've got a bit stuck on gloves, it would seem! Yesterday afternoon, while we watched the final day of Six Nations rugby, I did the first glove.


I found the cables a breeze, once I'd got my head around how they worked. Another case of things looking far more complicated than they actually are!

The pattern as written leaves a massive thumbhole, so I am going to modify slightly and create a thumb to keep my thumb warm. More on that on Wednesday, I think.

This weekend I have also made mini progress on my other gloves, the two pairs of afternoon teatime fingerless gloves that have been sitting around waiting finishing. While in town yesterday, we popped into John Lewis and picked up some buttons!

So, when I am less shattered (I have just got back from a whole day learning about inheritance tax!) I will have a go at attaching buttons with crochet, and making button holes. More new skills to learn, which I am sure will come in handy for future projects too.


  1. I like adding new skills to my crafting repertoire too, except for days like yesterday when none of my projects cooperated until I dropped down to the comfort knitting level :-)

  2. Is the yarn in your cables a Wendy one? It looks just the same as one I'm making a cardigan out of, except you seem to have captured the colour way better than my pictures!!!

  3. Not Wendy, no. It's Hayfield Bonus Aran. Oddly enough, I think I took that photo with my rubbish iPhone camera, rather than my proper digital camera, but it came out better than the others!


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