Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WIP Wednesday 34

It might be Knitting and Crochet Blog week, but that doesn't mean I'm going to abandon Tami's linky party! Thanks mostly to my being super organised about writing the 2KCBW posts in advance, I have had a chance to get some crocheting done this week.

Introducing.... new projects!

Yes, I've failed spectacularly at progressing with, or finishing, any of my existing WIPs, and started a few others! One was so quick I got it started and finished at the weekend, so unless you've been stalking my Ravelry page or Twitter, you wont see that till Friday.

First up, more cable adventures.

After a fair amount of deliberation, I decided the only way forward for the cabled gloves was to buy more yarn, and finish them off properly. Of course, as soon as I got the yarn home, I started on a matching hat. And now I'm playing with ideas for a matching scarf/cowl type thing. So the gloves haven't changed since last week! Plenty of yarn left for it all though, these balls of Hayfield Aran are huge.

I'm also working on another blanket, for yet another baby that's due this year. Using up the lovely pale yellow DK I was given for Christmas, although I don't think I will get through all five remaining balls with this blanket!

So far I've used up the two part balls I had remaining after the elephant, and started on a new ball. In total there are 35 rounds to this blanket, I'm on round 15 I think. I quite like this pattern, it's very easy to do without concentrating too much on it. Even easier when my shiny new stitch markers arrive, and I can put them where the increases go each round. Hopefully they will arrive in the post today.

That's my WIP progress, head on over to Tami's to see if anyone else has progress to report!


  1. Just can't go wrong with yellow for a baby gift. I love yellow and it works well for a little girl or a little boy and is always a cheery color. Good luck on the cables project.
    Somehow I missed the blogging week for Crochet week until now, and am too pressed to try and get involved now. Perhaps I'll see it earlier next year.

    Love your projects with percentages done on your right side bar. How do you do that?

  2. Paula @ KnitandSeek30 March 2011 at 14:52

    I love that you bought yarn to finish up your gloves and instead used it to make a hat. And a cowl. The good news is that once it's all done, the matching set is going to be stunning!

  3. I was lucky in that I discovered the Blog Hub group on Ravelry just as Eskimimi was setting up this year's blog week. Perfect timing!

    The Progress Bars are from Ravelry itself, this page on the Rav wiki should explain how it works:

  4. Thanks! It's so much quicker to work on than my previous blanket with this yarn. Sometimes the simple ones are the best.

  5. The gloves are being delayed by my lack of enthusiasm for weaving in ends. There are a lot, and I keep putting it off.

    I do feel a bit silly though, as I'll finish the set in time for the nice long hot summer!

  6. Swung by from Tami's. Your blanket is looking gorgeous! Glad to find someone else who takes on too many creative projects at once. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming.

  7. That is a HUGE ball of yarn in that first picture! WOW.

    Is that your own pattern for the baby blanket? I love it and wouldn't mind making one. It's beautiful.

  8. I love the cabley project - ooooh!

  9. Love the baby blanket! I'm not usually a big fan of yellow, but pale baby yellow is so nice. :)

  10. Nice work! I love to read posts where the writer is this excited about all the creative things they have going.

  11. I was so excited when I discovered you could crochet cables!

  12. Yeah, it's a 400g ball of aran weight (would that be worsted weight to you?) yarn. They are so cost effective, and they last for ever!

    The pattern is a free one from the website. Surprisingly, only 13 projects on Rav.

  13. I am determined to finish most of my existing WIPs before I start anything new. If nothing else, I need to make space in my yarn shelves before I go buying any more!


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