Thursday, 31 March 2011

KnitCroBlo Week - Day 4

Today’s topic is Where are they now? We’re looking back at past projects. What actually happens to a knit/crocheted piece once it’s finished. Are gifts cherished, or shoved to the back of a wardrobe or cupboard to never see the light of day again? Do we actually wear all these lacy shawls we knit?

I’m too scared to go snooping around to find out if my few gift recipients use their gifts or not. To date, I’ve only gifted a few things to people who aren’t Jamie.

So I guess we should talk about FO’s I’ve kept! I think the most successful projects, in terms of daily use since completion, are the Remote Control Caddy (free pattern available from this blog!), the sofa throw and the sofa cushions . The remote holder is a lifesaver. We are so bad at losing remotes, standing on them, sitting on them. Even the cat sits on them. So having somewhere safe for them to hang, out of the way, while still being in both of our reach, well, that’s a great thing to have.

It has stretched somewhat, since I first nailed it to the wall.

I think I will pull out the bottom pins, and hammer them back in a bit further down, to pull the corners back straight again. Other than that, though, I think it is doing alright.

My first crochet project, the project bag has done sterling service since completion. I carry my projects around in it when I take them with me to work or to role-play night. Everyone loves it!

I do try not to make things that won’t be used. I think so far, the FO that has seen the least amount of use is this poncho:

I made this with the leftover yarn from the sofa cushions. Brown and cream, held together, with a rather chunky 10mm hook. I ran out of cream just before the end, so the final row is finished off with two strands of brown held together! Not one for massively showing off, but it is lovely and warm, so I have worn it a bit around the house. I just don’t find ponchos to be a particularly easy item to wear. I have another one I bought years ago, which is crocheted also, and I hardly wear that either, but I love them to bits so won’t get rid! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I made more, they are so easy and quick, and look impressive. Plus, you don’t have to worry too much about them fitting!

Don’t forget, this post is part of KnitCroBlo Week, search in Google for “2KCBWDAY4” to find out what has happened to everyone else’s FOs!


  1. xxxmckingbirdxx31 March 2011 at 00:23

    The remote holder is a really cool idea XD And your poncho is cool looking too

  2. you can tell your remote holder has been loved and used, a sign of a fantastic knit (or crochet!)

  3. I never thought about making a poncho that is so holey, but it's the perfect idea! I've knit some in the past, but they're always so bulky and unwieldy that they just disappear or go in the giveaway bin. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Funny, I'm very into ponchos right now (wearing one as I type this in fact!) but never seen one like yours... If only I could crochet (no, don't tempt me, I have too many crafts to finish as it is!)

  5. I really like your poncho. I like the big open stitches and the shape. And I love the idea of ponchos. But I just don't think I have the body type for them. I've been tempted to make one but always back away for that reason.

  6. That is a neat poncho to use as a bit of flair and warmth.

  7. I really like the remote holder, I might have to steal that idea.

  8. Oh my gosh! I have too many ponchos I've made! Love the penguin!


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