Saturday, 3 March 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day Four

As I was out on Thursday night, I didn't get to open another parcel from my package until yesterday. Unfortunately, Jamie needed to borrow the laptop last night before we went out, and for some reason you can't access the Picasa web albums when writing a post on the iPad, so I've had to wait till this morning to show you what was in parcel number four!

I was quite in need of a sugary pick-me-up, so I decided to open the present that most screamed "I contain chocolate" at me.

I was quite curious to see what manner of local food delicacy I would get sent, since my parcel had come all the way from America. I've not had much opportunity to try much in the way of American sweets, having never visited the country myself, or really known anyone who has (or if they have, no-one who has been recently and brought me back chocolates!), so I was really excited when I opened the box to find this:

Jamie laughed at the box, and said it was "so American" and he's right. Paula's note said these were her favourite chocolates in the world, and they come from her home state of California. She did her homework well, because the box contains all dark chocolate and no nuts :)

I was surprised to find there was no little card inside to tell you what each chocolate is, and the See's website wasn't particularly helpful in that regard, as I was only able to identify the ones with the sprinkles on (Dark Bordeaux, I believe). That was the first one I tried, and I guessed at some kind of fudge filling. The description on the website is "brown sugar cream center" which again made us laugh for being so American.

The chocolate however was very tasty, and I look forward to snacking on the rest over the weekend.


  1. wow those look so special - are they handmade too ? I luvs dark chocloate ....

  2. Us Americans are very funny, we should laugh at ourselves more. : )
    Even having lived in California, I have never heard of those chocolates before, they look yummy though, what chocolate isn't? 

  3. I live in Wisconsin (which is about halfway between California and New York) and we can get See's Candies around here at the Holidays (but I haven't been able to find them any other time). Funnily enough, there are a lot of chocolate companies in the US. Then again, we have a lot of space to have them in the first place...

    One of my favorite chocolate companies though, is Cadbury. Yes, we can get it in the states but it's not as lovely as the stuff that comes from over there (I had a huge slab sent my way from Nottingham).

    Mmmmm......chocolate. I love chocolate.

  4. Every time we go to visit my Grandmother in CA we make sure to hit the Sees store. They've spread all across the country (I can SOMETIMES find it in the grocery store), but they started in Los Angeles. As a joke, we call the boxes 'Sees Surprise' because, you're right, you never really know what you're going to get. Usually, it's a nice surprise, but I'm not really a fan of marshmallow, so that can be a problem. I hope you enjoy!

  5. See's chocolates are definitely a mainstay of holiday chocolate. One of the fun parts is actually trying to guess at which ones you'll like (since they don't tell you what's inside each one). It's sort of chocolate mystery pick. :)


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