Thursday, 1 March 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day Three

Of the five parcels I have left to open, one is quite suspiciously yarn shaped and one is quite suspiciously "local food delicacy" shaped. The other three are all booky, papery shapes, flat and square. The rules of the swap said we had to include a pattern, so clearly one of these was going to be that. But what about the other two?

There was nothing else for it, I'd just have to open one of them and find out.

This one was particularly weighty and had a definite Bookish feel to it... and I was right!

Paula had been checking out my Amazon wishlist and spotted this book of Jane Austen inspired crochet patterns in amongst the craft books. What an amazing, thoughtful gift! Thank you Paula! You can see the patterns in the book on the book's Ravelry page here.

I can't wait to get my hooks out and get working on these!


  1. Oooh, fabulous gift :) Lucky you, can't wait to see which patterns catch your eye from it!

  2. Wow. Brilliant gift from Paula. I always knew she was nice.

  3. I'm not capable of crocheting, but those patterns make me wish I was! I cannot wait to see what you decide to make first! 

  4. Oh what a super gift, interesting AND useful :-)


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