Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's all such a sequence of continuous delights*

After finishing a number of projects last week, I felt it was time to cast on something new. With lots of new yarn and patterns in the cupboard, I was a little spoiled for choice! But I decided to be good, and start something from my Year of Projects list.

I've had this Stylecraft Special Aran for a few weeks, all lined up ready to go for the Alasse Miriel Hooded Cowl. All I was missing was the pattern, but as it is only a few quid to download that wasn't really an obstacle! I very quickly got bored with the start of the pattern - a seemingly endless parade of 2x2 rib. I swear, the next thing I knit isn't going to have ribbing at all!

Yesterday evening I reached the interesting part, where you switch from knitting in the round to knitting back and forth. Switching from my DPNs to my ridiculously long cable needle was easy enough, but now I am faced with a new challenge - magic loop.

Somewhere between the yellow and white markers is the end of the row
Because I'm still quite close to the tube of ribbing, knitting back and forth is proving very awkward indeed, as the stitches are all determined to stay so close to each other and in a circle. Having never knit using a magic loop method before, I am finding it extremely slow and fiddly, constantly shifting my stitches up and down the cables to keep the needles free for the next few stitches! I can see that it will get easier as I progress up the hood, but for now each row is taking forever. I will persevere though, as I need to get this finished in time for the start of the LRP season at Easter.

I had hoped to have finished my friend's gloves by now, but after not quite concentrating enough while knitting them at roleplay night last week, I think I've made a mistake. Currently they are hiding in my knitting bag, while I pretend they don't exist so I don't have to figure out where I went wrong. I'll get over myself in a few days, and pull them back out to fix. I think I've messed up keeping track of my thumb increases, so will have to undo a few rows and recount.

As I'm going to link up with Ginny's Yarn Along today, I guess I should also talk about my recent reads. When I last mentioned it, I had just started Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I can't believe I never read it when I was younger! I loved every word of it, even if it does get a little religiously preachy at times. Reading it in work, I had to try very hard not to cry over Beth. I did struggle to keep that episode of Friends out of my head though, when Joey gets so sad about Beth dying that he has to put the book in the freezer.

I've moved on to another classic, as we couldn't find the trashy sci-fi novel I wanted to read anywhere in the house. I'm reading Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell, mainly because I loved the BBC adaptation of it. The book is very different indeed! But it's a really easy read, with plenty of talk of knitting and crochet in it, and I'm flying through it at quite a rate. I shall be done in a few days. I think, even though at the moment I can only snatch half an hour or so at lunch to relax with the Kindle.

*Quote from the Cranford TV series


  1. It's funny, I am someone who loves ribbing - maybe I can do the ribbing for you next time :)
    Looking good so far and I love your choice of yarn

  2. Love the colour of that yarn (I'm all about grey yarn at the moment - just gotta finish some of my WIPs so I can cast on some!)

    Magic loop can be really easy - but make sure you have a really long needle! When I first tried it, I had completely misinterpreted the instructions and really struggled, until I found a youtube video that demonstrated exactly what to do, which made it much easier ;)

  3. Your cowl is going to be gorgeous! I love gray. 
    I am not a fan of Magic Loop. I agree with your thought that it's fiddly. 

  4. I love the color you chose for your cowl. Magic loop can be great if you have the right needle size. I always try to "use what I gots" and end up using a too short needle and getting frustrated.

  5. That yarn looks delightful.  Ribbing is about the only thing I can knit well so I would probably love that.  I read Little Women when I was about 12.  I had a major classical literature kick and I Love Little WOmen.

  6. Oooh, I must read Cranford too! I had completely forgotten about it after seeing the TV series. I have a hard time with magic loop as well, I always get serious laddering and end up just using dpns.

  7. I've never tried magic loop myself, so let us know how it goes. Cranford sounds interesting - I've never seen the series so maybe I should just skip ahead to the book?

  8. OOooh that looks like it will be a wonderful FO. I added it to my favorites, though I tend to get bored with ribbing as well... And I have made a few projects with magic loop and (shhh) I still find it a bit fiddly.
    I have been listening to Little Women as an audio book and it is really a wonderful book and I also can't believe I haven't read it before! I might have to buy a print copy of it, I love it that much ^_^

  9. Everybody cries about Beth, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

  10. Loved Little Women.
    Loved Cranford.
    Love My Kindle.
    Love Magic Loop.
    Even though it sounds like your verdict is out on whether or not you really like Magic Loop, I think we could be good friends!  :)

  11. Magic Loop can be so stop and go, yeah? 
    I was using that for my Sequoia project but it was a pain and making my hands cramp up so I switched to DPNs.
    Good luck!


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