Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day Seven

I'm quite sad that my week of opening presents is over. I've had so much fun doing this swap, from shopping for Natalie, eagerly awaiting her parcel to arrive in the post, watching her week of present opening unfold and seeing all the lovely comments everyone made on the gifts I had bought, through to the long wait for my own box of surprises to arrive, and the last week of opening a new present each day and knowing Paula has put as much love and effort into my parcel as I did for Natalie.

So what did day seven bring? Another flat, paper/booklet shaped parcel:

I asked Jamie what he thought might be in it and he jokingly suggested there was another pattern inside! I figured Paula was more inventive than that, so it would be something a little bit different, and probably not even yarn/knitting related at all. I guessed correctly!

It's a set of decorated sticky notes! Turns out we're all a teensy bit obsessed with stationery. I guess it appeals to the same part of our brain that loves yarn and crafts. These notes are going to come in very useful, especially over the next few months as we are moving house and will need to write ourselves lots of to do lists and reminders.

A massive THANK YOU to Paula for putting together such a fantastic, generous and thoughtful package for me. I have really enjoyed opening everything, nibbling on my posh American "candies", using my new soap and wash cloths and look forward to working with the patterns and yarn you have sent me. Mr Fidget also says thanks for his mousie (he loves it!) and the treats (almost all gone!).

And of course, a second massive thanks to Vivianne over at Kismet's Companion for organising the swap, and the rest of the guys over in the Blog Hub group for taking part. I've really enjoyed reading all the posts as the parcels have arrived, it looks like everyone's had a great time. Roll on the next swap! Actually, roll on Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, because that's the next big Blog Hub thing in the calendar!


  1. Cool! I'm impressed with how many of us seem obsessed with stationary ;)

    This has been a great swap, I was so lucky with my presents, I hope my recipient was happy with hers, and I'm so pleased you got such fab, well-thought out gifts too!

  2. Yeah stationary is a problem for me, I have WAY too much of it. The kind that she sent you is so pretty!

  3. *sigh* for the swap being over. But at least you had some lovely gifts, and a good one to end with :-)

  4. Can't go wrong with stickies, and those are super-cute. This swap has been fun, but there are a few more boxes still to arrive ... 


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