Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My guilty project

I seem to recall reading recently about the antics of the publisher of a certain group of UK craft magazines, and how there is a whole list of publications I ought to be avoiding from now on (this post here is a good example, actually). I also seem to recall reading about the ongoing debate as to whether Debbie Bliss Cashmerino actually contains any cashmere at all, or if we're all being duped. So with a slight sense of guilt, I present my latest WIP:

It's the Fern Cowl by Claire Montgomerie, published in Inside Crochet magazine (although I got my hands on it through their Crochet Collection publication which I bought last year). The yarn is, you guessed it, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Now, I don't care if there is some sort of controversy over it's fibre content, because it's a lovely yarn. This is the first time I've crocheted with it, an I have to say it's fantastic for it.

The stitch definitiion is great, and it slides beautifully over my wonderful new bamboo 4.5mm hook. I don't think this will stay a WIP for long, because it's crocheting up so quickly!

More WIPs over at Tami's!


  1. No need to feel guilty about your cowl, you can only use information you have at the time ;) It looks gorgeous, I love the colour and the texture pattern looks fab :)

  2. Nice dreadnaughts in your header!!
    My husband works at GW and I posted some of his unpainted models a while ago, nice to see I'm not the only one to combine crochet and models on their blog :)

  3. Thanks! I don't post about the model painting as often as I could, because most of the work is done by my OH and so isn't mine to show off.

  4. We all have our likes and dislikes, I personally really dislike it when sellers are lying about their product. I even wrote a whole post about how disappointed I was in a certain Cascade yarn. But, I say if you love that yarn, don't feel a slightest bit of guilt over it. 

  5. Oh boy; I didn't like reading about that controversy about DB.  I hope that get cleared up soon.
    That is one gorgeous and rawrrr cowl.  Love its attitude.

  6. If you like the yarn, fuggedaboutit. I hadn't heard about the publishing controversy...juicy stuff. I'm not very plugged into the knitting world most of the time and it's nice to have blog friends to keep me in the gossip loop. :)

  7.  I love the color of that yarn!  So rich and soft looking too.  Excited to see your finished cowl.


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