Monday, 27 February 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day One

It's all happening this week! First I got excited about finishing my fingerless gloves. Then I got excited about going to Unravel. Today, I've come home from work to discover my Blog Hub Swap parcel has finally arrived! After a few weeks of seeing everyone else opening their presents, I think it's about time I got to have a turn :)

The customs label on the box got me very excited - it's come all the way from America! No wonder I had to wait for it. The label also gave away my swap partner - Paula over at Knit and Seek. It's weird, but I had a feeling last week that Paula was going to be responsible for my box. Spooky.

I thought I would just open up the box and have a look inside, before waiting for Jamie to come home and help me choose a parcel to open. But it looked so fantastic I couldn't help myself, and soon had them all out of the box.

Don't they look wonderful? I knew as soon as I opened the card that the presents contained within were going to be awesome.

I managed to hold off opening anything until Jamie came home, as I wanted him to share my excitement and see everything as it was straight out of the box. We had a quick squish of everything, then chose a parcel to open (as Paula has very kindly left the order of opening up to me).

What a lovely first gift! This one is for Fidget! It's a little Mousie (by Ysolda Teague), complete with catnip stuffing, and a packet of treats, chosen for the awesome flavour name "chicka chicka boom boom". Paula's note says she won't be disappointed if I keep the mouse for myself instead of giving him to the cat, because he's so cute.

She's right, he's adorable, and I would have kept him to myself, except that by the time I'd lined them up for the photograph, Fidget had already caught the scent of fresh catnip and was on the prowl!

The mouse is most defnintely his now.

I wonder which present I will open tomorrow. I can't wait! Thanks for a great first gift, Paula!


  1. That mouse is cute ... and Fidget is a very smart kitty indeed.

  2. F-U-N!  She wrapped everything so nicely!

  3. Such goodies! You lucky girl!

  4. LOL that mouse is so cute ! I bet it is covered in catspit as we speak :-) such beautifully wrapped gifts, too :-)

  5. He played with it for a fair old while, then collapsed in a drug addled heap on the sofa :)

  6. Finally, finally, finally!  I'm so sorry it took 11 days for the package to reach you, but SO glad it finally did.  Also very happy that Fidget is happy with his pressie.  I promise, the rest are for you!!  :)


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