Friday, 10 February 2012

Sneaky peek

I haven't really been working on any of my projects this week. Mainly because I've been focusing on knitting and crocheting for my Blog Hub swap partner. I wanted to get the parcel in the post this weekend, so had to have everything finished by this evening.

Instagram can only do so much to crap iPhone snaps!

I have, only moments ago, woven in the ends on the last piece. Now all that is left is to print off some patterns, write the notes to accompany each of the seven separate gifts in the box and find a box or envelope to put it all in. I'm pretty sure I've got a huge padded envelope I can use, because I always keep them when I receive them on the grounds that they'll come in handy.

Because I rather like the effect, here's a close up of the basket weave crochet

Things are slowly getting back to normal now, following the burglary. I have my new kindle and Xbox, and tomorrow I will be getting the first of my two replacement cameras. I'm using the theft of my camera as in incentive to upgrade, so when the insurance money comes I will be getting a shiny Canon DSLR camera, which I will then have to learn how to use. In the mean time, I am picking up a much cheaper and far more cheerful Sony Cybershot which I will use to take far better photos for the blog than my phone is managing.

I can't wait any longer, I am getting really frustrated with the lack of decent photos! I got so used to having my camera with me all the time last year, forcing myself to take photos of everything just so I'd have a choice for my photo of the week. It feels really strange now, to be out and about seeing things I want to photograph, only to realise the best I can manage is this:

You may not have noticed, but it snowed in the UK this week,

There are far more exciting finished projects on display over at Tami's. You should go check them out.


  1. The close-up of the basket weave looks awesome! Sorry to hear of the robbery.

  2. Aw, I missed the Blog Hub swap, shoot! Your swapee is going to be a lucky gal (or guy, I suppose).

  3. What yummy colors in that sneaky peeky!

    My daughters would love to have snow but I have to keep telling my little one it's not cold enough here to do so really.  Low 40s is what we get.

  4. I would quite happily give you our snow! I'm fed up of all this cold weather now, I'd really like a full night's sleep without the cat waking me up to be let under the duvet!

  5. Amazing colours, the green is especially beautiful.

  6. It is good to hear that you are recovering, that is something that no one should have to go through. Especially when they run off with the Xbox! I would cry if my Xbox disappeared. I'm sure that your swap partner will love the secret project : )


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