Sunday, 19 February 2012

Year of Projects update - 19th February

I know, last week I said (in good faith, I might add) that if I really focused on them this week, I'd finish my fingerless gloves. Well, I didn't. I haven't knit on them all week. I'm that rubbish.

What I have done is finish 198yds of heaven!

Fresh off the needles

I got it soaked and pinned out on the blocking board on Friday evening. However, as I am spending my Sunday driving down to Wales and back, you'll have to wait for the big reveal!

One more project knocked off the list though, so I can turn my thoughts to what I should cast on next. These are the remaining unstarted projects on the list:

Ribbed Lace Bolero - I did start this, and really wasn't feeling it. I may cut this from the list, because I am just not inspired to try again with a different yarn. I have other plans for my Rowan Calmer now!

Eleonora - I still want to knit this. I think I need to buy the pattern and read through it before choosing my yarn though. Probably going to be the last thing I start.

Sojourn Falls Scarf - I'll be honest, I'm falling out of love with this. I'm having such fun with my fingerless gloves in Knit Picks Palette that I'm halfway to convincing myself to abandon this scarf and use the red Palette I've already bought to make more gloves. Or, buy another colour of Palette and try my hand at colourwork for the first time.

Alasse Miriel Hooded Cowl - I have the yarn and required needles, I just need to download the pattern and I can get started on this. I've got a new deadline for getting my costume knits finished, as the LRP season kicks off in earnest at Easter. A month and a half to finish my gloves and knit this hood!

Persimmon Pullover - Another pattern that was a good idea, but now I'm reconsidering. I may pull this from the list too. I just don't think I'd wear it.

Fern Cowl - I have everything I need to start this now, after picking up a 4.5mm crochet hook yesterday.

Pond Friend Stacking Toy - I still want to make this! Maybe I will get around to it in time for a Christening present for our niece.

So if we eliminate all the iffy ones, I've only got four projects left that I haven't already completed or started. This whole list thing is working out quite well!


  1. Speaking from experience the Ribbed Lace Bolero is a quick fun project. I don't wear mine, but that is because I chose the wrong yarn (wool with the texture of sandpaper). Your yarn choice for the project sounds perfect! I also really like the fern cowl, it makes me wish I knew how to crochet!

  2. It is looking good, I have yet to try and make something like that :) It will be interesting to see your other projects :)

  3. Wow gorgeous shawl, it looks lovely! No suggestions on what to cast on though, I'm not even letting myself think about new things.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the big reveal and thats brilliant that you've only four projects left, looking forward to seeing what gets cast on next.

  5. I love the year of projects thing for keeping us focused on our goals. Congrats on nearing the end of your list!

  6. 198 yards of heaven already looks lovely unblocked - can't wait to see the big reveal. I think you're absolutely right to reevaluate and cut whatever you're not feeling or don't think you'd wear. 

  7. 198 yards of heaven looks so beautiful already - it will definitely be a stunner when blocked.

  8. You have to knit what inspires you.  The shawl looks fantastic!

  9. It looks fabulous, really anxious to see it.  Hope you have a great time on your trip.  See ya when you get back.

  10. Gorgeous!  The gloves can wait--besides isn't winter almost over? ;)   I need to look at my list and get a bit more realistic--it 1/2 way through February already and time is ticking away.

  11. That's gorgeous, the patterning is lovely.

    I like the fern cowl, I think i'd choose thatnext, it looks like it would be nice and quick.

    looks like you are making better progress through your projects than me!

  12. I so like that leafy looking shawl you've just finished.  It looks like leaves that have been layered upon one another to create a foresty camouflauge but feminine covering.
    I think you should work on #1, #5, or #6 on your list above.  They are awesome projects.

  13. The shawl is gorgeous, and the colour is fantastic. 

  14. Beautiful! Work on what you love, life is too short.


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