Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day 2

I was so busy in work today that I forgot all about the box of presents waiting for me at home. It was very hard for me to concentrate on doing all the useful things, like the washing up, before being able to choose a present and open it.

This one had both soft squishy parts, and a strange square bit.

Another gorgeous ribbon bow, although I failed to slide this one off without untying it. When I opened the parcel, I realised straight away it was my hand knit gift today, as I recognised the yarn colours from a post of Paula's a couple of weeks ago.

Exfoliate! dishcloth.

Summer in Ashville dishcloth
Two gorgeous dishcloths, both in Knit Picks Dishie cotton. The colours aren't great in my photos, the dark red is far more red than that, and the Dalek cloth is a lovely pale pink. I can't really get Dishie in this country (Great British Yarns stock it, but it's twice the price of the Rico cotton I can get on eBay) so I'm really pleased that Paula has sent me these.

As for the strange square shape inside the package... nestled underneath the dishcloths was a bar of locally made soap, in a pomegranate 'flavour'.

It smells amazing, and I can't wait to try it out.


  1. Boy, soap was definitely a popular swap gift! The dishcloths are lovely.

  2. Soap is always useful, and handmade is so much nicer to and on your skin :-) It's lovely that Paula made those dishcloths for you ...will you use them ? They look too nice to use :-)

  3. They'll definitely get used, although I think I will use them on me in the bath, rather than in the kitchen on dirty dishes!


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