Monday, 27 February 2012

Leafy Fingerless Gloves Ta-Da!

It's been a long time coming, but as I said yesterday in my Year of Projects update, I have finally finished my leafy fingerless gloves!

As it turned out, the weather was far too nice to wear them all day at Unravel, so I didn't need to rush to get them finished in time after all!

Project: Thal's Winter Gloves
Pattern: Leafy Fingerless Gloves by Laura Peveler
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Ivy (less than one ball!)
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs

I started these gloves back in October, thinking that I'd get them finished in time to wear them to a LRP event in mid-November. As this was my first attempt at knitting anything on DPNs, never mind on such tiny needles, I think I was being slightly optimistic!

I struggled with the needles at first (my project page says it took me an entire evening just to cast on and knit the first round) and partway through the first repeat of the pattern for the cuff, I gave up on them and put them to one side. The event in November came and went, and the barely-started gloves just sat there.

In the mean time, I used DPNs on a variety of projects. The Free Rapunzel hat used chunky 9mm needles, and it was while knitting on that, that I finally got DPNs. I used smaller ones for my baby booties and hat, so when I finally came back to these gloves I was a lot more comfortable and confident with the unwieldy 2.25mm needles.

The first glove flew by after that, and shortly after Christmas, I finished it. Getting to grips with the fingers was a whole new challenge! I'd not done the whole putting stitches on waste yarn to use later before, but I quickly got the hang of it.

I think I did well not to get trapped by Second Glove Syndrome, and soon had glove two on the go. It's been stalled a couple of times, particularly in the last few weeks, and overall it seems to have taken almost as long to knit as the first one!

A quick note on the pattern itself. It is brilliant. For a free pattern, it is written very well with clear and precise instructions. I had no trouble at all keeping track of where I was, especially when it came to the thumb gusset increases.  I can heartily recommend it. One thing I would note, is that on the Ravelry pattern page it says there are two sizes available, however when I read through the pattern there are only instructions for one size. My hands are 8" in circumference, and they are a snug fit on me.

As for the yarn, I love Knit Picks Palette! The colour I used was chosen by you, my lovely readers, and I have to say I think you made a fantastic choice.

I chose to make the version with longer cuffs, so I did two full repeats of the 24 row pattern, before starting the thumb gusset increases. I love the travelling vine leaf pattern, so now my brain is busy thinking of ways to incorporate these leaves into other bits of my costume!


  1. Really love the fingerless gloves. Well done. :)

  2. I really do love that pattern, I agree with all you have said about it, but the trick is to not run out of yarn and then have to rip it all out. They look amazing though, well worth the wait!

  3. They're really lovely - congratulations! Sounds like you learned a lot and have such beautiful gloves to show for it. I still remember how hard I found casting on to DPNs the first time - even now it's definitely not my favourite thing to do - just so fiddly - but I do love knitting on DPNs when I get going.

  4. No wonder you couldn't wait til next week to show us, they are fabulous!

  5. Oh they look lovely Tink, I love the texture on them too :D 

  6. They are adorable! Lovely to see them finished :)

  7. Terrific fingerless mitts!  Hooray on an excellent job.


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