Friday, 24 February 2012

Immediate satisfaction

It has to be said, a lot of my projects have been pretty long haul. Always a danger when you've got so many things on the needles at once, that nothing ever gets finished. So I was quite surprised to discover I was capable of knitting a pair of gloves in just a few hours.

Photographing black knits is difficult!

Pattern: Easy Half Mitten 106 by Michelle Porter
Yarn: Wendy Mode Chunky in black
Needle: 5mm DPNs

Clearly, the most obvious modification here is that I've added partial fingers. These gloves are for Jamie to wear while LRPing so he needs to be able to manipulate things with his hands, while having toasty warm fingers. Knit in a serviceable black, 50% merino/50% acrylic yarn for warmth, durability and (most importantly) machine washability. They're going to get covered in fake blood and mud, so I wanted to be able to throw them in with the rest of the kit to get clean! I used just over half a ball, so they cost a grand total of £1.70 for the pair. I'm not sure what I'll do with the remaining almost-half, probably knit a matching pair for me!

I started these on Saturday afternoon. The first glove took a little while, because I had to keep stopping to try them on Jamie's hand for fit, and to write down exactly what I was doing so I could replicate it for the other glove. No fancy pattern means they are both identical. The partial fingers are a bit fiddly, with all the attaching yarn and picking up stitiches, so they took longer. The second glove I knit in the car on the drive to Swansea on Sunday morning; I cast on in the house before we left (didn't fancy negotiating transferring stitches from one DPN to another while being jostled about in the car), and knit the entire glove during the three hour journey. It was a close run thing, though. We were getting very close to our destination and I still had a finger and the thumb to knit! A proper race against time in the end, which did make us laugh.

I managed to weave in the ends on one glove during our visit, then did the other one in the car on the way home, before taking over the driving duties. This has to be my quickest knit to date. Definitely going to knit more gloves if they all go this smoothly :)

More FOs on display over at Tami's!


  1. The wearable washable black boyfriend gloves! I made some of those so my boyfriend could do warhammer without his hands getting too cold! They're a really quick knit

  2. Speed knitting! They look super functional, they will certainly get some good use!

  3. That's brilliant :) I love the idea of a knitter vs car race!  And the gloves look great.  It's so satisfying when things come together that quickly.

  4. These are fantastic---I love how practical they are (excellent thinking on your part), but also completely awesome and wonderfully warm looking.  

  5. Brilliant!  I am in a race to finish my second glove today (and tomorrow) as the upcoming work week is looking to be a cold one and I like to keep my hands warm while sitting at my desk in front of the ever opening and closing of the front door!  Well done, and lucky boy to get them!


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