Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A new project and a new book.

I just can't resist casting on new projects! I seem to have developed a slight obsession with knitting gloves. It started with the leafy fingerless gloves, which are still in a state of needing-to-be-finished.

Ok, so they haven't changed in two weeks. My bad.

I was finding them a bit of a struggle (and, knit as they are from fingering weight yarn on teeny DPNs, kind of reinforced my lack of desire to knit socks) but once I'd finished the first glove and tried it on, I was overwhelmed with the amazing-ness of having made a glove that fitted perfectly.

I quickly found myself casting on and knitting a second pair of gloves, this time in chunky yarn. My Free Rapunzel gloves were a really quick project, and I loved knitting them.

Now I have a new camera I should take a better photo of these.

So much so, in fact, that I used the same basic pattern to knit a pair of gloves for Jamie last weekend (without the cables - I don't think he'd want cables on his gloves).

Now I am on pair number four. Shortly after I finished my Rapunzel gloves, a friend was complaining her hands were cold and she had no decent gloves. I tweeted that my hands were cosy and warm in my new hand-knit gloves, and suggested I could make her a pair.

Colour totally not accurate. Still not down with the whole photoshop thing.
I decided to use Cashmerino again, because that's what my gloves are made from and I love it. I let her choose the colour and the pattern. She's chosen Natalya and I'll be doing the partial finger version.

Even this colour isn't right. But it's better than the first one.
Not having any issues with these cables so far. I've got a proper cable needle so I'm not having to make do with a spare DPN. I'm 2.5" into the 6.5" long cuff, after only an evening or so of knitting, so I think these are going to be pretty quick to knit up.

As for my book; I finished Monte Cristo the other day. I really enjoyed it. I loved that I was still being surprised by it right up to the final pages. It's very well written. Now I've read that, I am looking forward to reading The Three Musketeers, as that's the same author so should be written in a similar style.

I didn't want to dive right into that, though, so I've started reading another book from my list of classics I really ought to have read by now - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. This one somehow remained under my radar when I was younger, and it was only after it featured in an episode of Friends (the one where Joey is made to read it while Rachel has to read The Shining, and they end up having to put Little Women in the freezer because it makes Joey cry) that I realised it was a book I might want to read. I'm not that far into it yet, but am enjoying it so far.

Head over to Tami's for more yarny progress, and to Ginny's to see what folks are reading as well as knitting.


  1. You're a glove knitting machine! Little Women is one of all time favourites.

  2. The gloves are looking good so far, I think because they're a quick knit you just keep knitting them!

  3. So many gloves! They look look so wonderful and warm! Knitting for friends can be so much fun.

  4. There must be a conspiracy to get me to knit fingerless gloves. I need a new pair and I keep seeing gorgeous ones being made on all the blogs lately. Love yours!

  5. You should totally knit some! It'll only take you a few hours :)

  6. Ooh cashmerino?  Good for you on treating yourself to that.  Love those first mitts.  You'll get back to them one day.

  7. Cashmerino is my favourite yarn right now. It's so soft!

  8. Really pretty mitts!  I love Little Women and Three Muskateers -- I'm sure you'll enjoy them

  9. The Rapunzel gloves are great. It's hard to photograph certain colors in certain lighting conditions.  I find outside or near a window to be a good spot to try and get the accurate color.  Such lovely yarns!  

  10. I need to give Little Women another go---I started it more than once as a kid, but it was just too long for me to finish back then, even though I always got really captivated by the characters and their world.

    And I love all of your gloves---the cables on the Free Rapunzels are just beautiful, and the leafy mitts are making little cartoon hearts float above my head!


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