Sunday, 12 February 2012

Year of Projects update - 12th February

It was with great excitement that I went into town yesterday morning. I picked up a lovely parcel of yarn from the sorting office, including one new yarn for a yet-to-be-cast-on YoP project. I posted my giveaway prize yarn, and my Blog Hub swap parcel. Most exciting of all, I bought my Sony Cybershot camera!

It all worked out rather well, in the end. There was a better version of the camera I had chosen on display, which was on special offer. It was the same price! So I didn't spend any extra money, but got a lot more camera. It's the W570 model, which has a couple of really exciting features. The HD movie recording records into mp4 format, and it has a panoramic sweep function, where you press the button and gently sweep the camera round from left to right, creating a fantastic 180° view.

Thames panorama 1
Click through to Flickr to see it bigger

I took the above this morning when we went to Tesco; the River Thames flows right behind the superstore so we popped out onto the riverside to test the camera out. More shots on Flickr!

On to yarny things then. I am finally free of the rubbish iPhone photos and can take decent shots of my projects again! So here's a look at the YoP projects that are currently getting all the attention.

I think this is the first time I've snapped both gloves together

Just to prove I really am working on the second leafy fingerless glove, here is a shot of the two together. I've just put the thumb stitches on holders, and am working the last couple of rounds up to the base of the fingers. If I focus on these this week, I think I'll get them finished.

Gratuitous close up to show off my camera's macro abilities

Hypernova came out of hibernation
I've been working on Hypernova some more this past week or two. It's now about 27 inches long, and I'm not even halfway through the skein yet. I've still got something like 84g of yarn to go, and I don't start the increasing fan section at the end until I'm at about 25g remaining.

My newest YoP project has grown considerably in a very short space of time, but I am not surprised because it's a triangular shawl in aran weight yarn on 5.5mm needles. It's the 198yds of heaven shawl I started as a comfort knit after the burglary.

I'm almost through the second repeat of the body section, so I have maybe 15 rows of body section left, followed by 16 rows of lace border and the bind off. I'm hoping I don't run out of yarn, as I only have 186 yards of this gorgeous Rowan Big Wool.

I mentioned at the start of this post, that I've ordered more yarn for another project on my list. It's for the Alasse Miriel Hooded Cowl which I will be knitting for LRP costume. I've opted for Stylecraft Special Aran with Wool in a gorgeous charcoal grey (colour chosen by Jamie).

I may have enough yarn here to knit two of them, which would be great as my friend is joining my group this year and we're trying to coordinate our costumes. I will see how much I have left after I've finished the first one, as the balls are so large, I don't really want to be buying another one for the sake of an extra few yards of yarn!


  1. I love the 198 yards of heaven shawl, it's a gorgeous colour. And yay for a new camera! I'm glad you got one!

  2. You choose such perfect colours for your projects. I adore those gloves in the green.

    Your camera sounds like an excellent buy and I'm looking forward to more great pictures. I am so sorry that you were burgled, how devastating.

  3. Wow, hypernova looks stunning in that yarn!

  4. Hypernova looks awesome, it is to be a scarf?  Enjoy your new camera, awesome photo''ve been busy , lots of great projects.

  5. Wow, the colors on the Hypernova are really striking!

  6. How delightful to pick up a yarn parcel.  Big difference in your camera shots.  How fun to play around with!
    Love the colorway of Hypernova.  It's so cool w/that pattern.

  7. The pics are great so I'd say it was an excellent choice on the camera, you're going to have so much fun snapping pics. Love the gloves and the comfort shawl looks so soft, even in the pic. Looking forward to seeing the cowl that grey looks wonderful.

  8. Oh my goodness but I am jealous of your new camera!  I bet you are over the moon with joy!  Your gloves are coming along so well ad are so pretty--and don't get me started on the gorgeousness of your shawl. 
    *smiles and wishes for a great week ahead*

  9. A little bit sheepish13 February 2012 at 08:50

    Your gloves are looking great. Super panoramic shot, sounds like a super new camera, well done on the bargain hunting :)

  10. That panoramic function is awesome! Maybe it's time I got a proper camera!

    I'm glad Hypernova is coming out of hibernation, it's looking absolutely gorgeous :)

  11. I'm in love with your Hypernova scarf!


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