Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My stash is growing...

A little while ago I hosted a giveaway on the blog, offering up a skein of Candy Skein yarn to the lucky winner. Of course, I couldn't order yarn from Tami without getting some for myself!

I had as much trouble as my giveaway entrants did, deciding which colours I wanted! I also had to be careful to make sure I already had a project in mind for the yarn - if I started buying yarn simply because I liked it I would soon be drowning in stash, and we don't have the space for that here!

I've been wanting to knit Koolhaas for a while, and since it calls for worsted weight yarn, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to actually get my hands on something in a worsted weight. After much deliberation, I went for this:

Yummy Worsted in Blueberry Cheesecake

I expect at this point, you are congratulating me on my self control. Only ordering one skein of yarn for myself? Well, I didn't quite manage that level of restraint. I ordered two.

Yummy fingering in Arctic Mint
It's the January 2012 Sock Yarn Club Colourway! I just love this blue, it was a perfect choice by Tami for her January colour. As I was ordering my yarn in the right month, I had to get a skein. I don't know what it will become yet. It may even become my first pair of socks, if I ever find myself wanting to knit socks.

I have to say, the Midnight Mousse colourway chosen by my giveaway winner is absolutely fantastic. The photos just don't do it justice. No wonder it is so popular!


  1. Make socks, make socks, make socks ;)

    Love the colour of the worsted, that's one of my favourite colourways of Tami's. And only 2 skeins, that's still pretty reserved, especially as you have the sense to buy the first for a specific project!

  2. Tami's yarns are beautiful. Too bad I'm in full swing destash for the next year : (

  3. I have the Halloween colour.  They are wonderful.  Mine wants to be a pair of Jaywalkers.

  4. I ordered some of the Arctic Mint, too...And I have to figure out what to do with it. I haven't seen it in person yet, but I'm thinking either socks or a lace scarf.

  5. It think you can treat yourself to nice yarn occasionally, and Im wishing I'd got that colourway when I had the chance!

  6. I like the colourway names!  Very cool.


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