Sunday, 5 February 2012

Free Pattern: Kindle Cozy

I have a new free pattern available via Ravelry!

I replaced my stolen Kindle this weekend. Unlike the first one, which I barely got to play with before it was taken, I've been reading my book on it all weekend and I love it. So much so, that I am determined to take it with me to work tomorrow. However, chucking it into my handbag along with everything else makes me nervous, so I wanted a cover to protect it.

I've been looking at knitted Kindle and iPad cozies on Ravelry for a while, but knew the pretty cabled design I had chosen would take me longer than a few hours to make, especially as it involves learning new techniques like Judy's Magic Cast On, and magic loop. I decided to quickly crochet myself something in the interim.

A quick search of the free crochet patterns on Ravelry told me there was nothing to suit my purpose. I had no interest in seaming anything! So I rummaged through my bag of yarn scraps to find all the Hayfield Bonus Aran I had left and got hooking.

The end result is this cozy.

The stripes are uneven, because I was using up scraps and changing colour whenever I reached the end of a ball. But it does the job, it fits my cozy and it will keep the screen scratch free in my handbag.

You can see the pattern on Ravelry here, or download it directly using this link.


  1. Very cosy - I like the unevenness of the stripes

  2. That looks like it will certainly keep your kindle nice and safe! Wonderful job : )

  3. The cover is quite pretty :) it will keep your kindle all cosy!

  4. You did a terrific job on that cover.

  5. Great job on the kindle cover.

  6. A little bit sheepish6 February 2012 at 09:24

    It looks great, I rather like the uneven stripes

  7. Hey, just thought I would let you know that I have given you an award :)

  8. What a clever knit -- I bet I'll see these all over town!


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