Saturday, 13 October 2012

Deja vu

A little while ago, I posted about losing one of last year's projects. My Crochet Lacy Wrap was one of the first finishes off my list for the first Year of Projects, and I was very happy with it.

This was taken as soon as I'd finished it. I never took
a proper photo of it once it had been steam blocked.

I've been wearing it all year as a scarf at LARP, because the acrylic chunky yarn is great for keeping me warm when I'm wearing my low-cut costume. However, I lost it at Renewal in August, and have been sad about that ever since.

Another ball of James C Brett Marble Chunky happened to fall into my basket while shopping online at Deramores, this time in the catchily named colourway "25" (the original wrap was colourway "16").

Left to my own devices one evening, I wasn't feeling up to the endless rows on any of my knit projects, and wanted something simple to work on. Out came the 10mm hook, out came the chunky yarn and away I went.

I had some difficulties getting started. I was convinced the pattern was wrong, as I couldn't get the first row to work in the stitch count given. I got rather cross with myself for not having made any notes about it last time. I drew out a chart, to make sure the stitch count was correct. I may have had a bit of a tantrum, and nearly threw the yarn and hook across the room in frustration. Then I realised it was all my fault, and I was the one making the mistake. I had miscounted my starting chain. Four times in a row.

Once I got past that, the rest of the wrap was easy.

This one is a lot paler in colour than the original

Once again, I was surprised by the difference in colour between the internet photo (above) and the actual yarn. The first ball I bought was far more ORANGE than I was expecting; this one was far paler than I though it would be.

Finished in one evening but not steam blocked yet (although I will have to do that before I go to the next event, which is in November). And a big note to myself, if you make this again, COUNT YOUR STARTING CHAIN PROPERLY!!! There will be far less tears and tantrums that way.

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  1. The different yarns really give the project different vibes - the first being dressy, and the second more casual. Oh boy, have I done stuff like that where I keep making the same mistake and am cussin' up a storm when in fact I get mo-ded.


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