Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Old and new...

I knew my speedy progress on Momijigari would slow to a crawl once I hit the border. I have something like 400 stitches on my needles now, and am starting to think a slightly longer cable would have been a better idea! Still, you have to work with what you've got.

It is so scrunched up on the needles that there is no way I can take a decent photo of the border pattern as it emerges! You're just going to have to wait for it to be finished, and for the big reveal.

As you can see by the photo above, it's not the only project that's been getting my attention this week. I was feeling starved of crochet following the completion of the sofa bed afghan (and no, I haven't woven any more ends in yet), but couldn't think of anything to work on. It's too early to start working on presents for the new set of babies due in my friendship circle, and the only thing in my YoP list that is crochet is a pair of gloves, which I wasn't in the mood for (and don't have the pattern yet).

I didn't have the concentration span for sifting through Ravelry's database for suitable crochet projects for my stash yarn not yet matched to patterns, and then it occurred to me. My filet crochet project from ages ago! It's been hibernating for some time now, having originally been started back in March 2011!!! I dug it out of the bottom of the basket, and crocheted a couple of rows the other night. It's not as bad as the shawl, as there are only 200 or so stitches per row!

I am enjoying the lovely bright colours though, it's very cheering when the weather outside is grey, dull and wet.


  1. Love the colourful picture, so warm and happy :)

  2. 400 sts? Oh boy is that plenty. The color is just awesome. Makes me smile each time you post about it.
    I remember that filet project. It was for YOP right?

  3. It was originally for a crafting poetry thing, then it was part of the war on wips... still not finished!


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