Sunday, 28 October 2012

Year of Projects update - 28th October

I really thought I might have a finished object for you this week, which would make three weeks in a row with a finish! I picked my Cwtch Shawl back up this week and flew through the heart border.

I took it with me to roleplaying night, and made a start on the edging. I have six rows left, that's all. But when I sat down on Friday evening to do some knitting, I suddenly felt the urge to cast on something new. Looking through my list of stash yarns I haven't used yet, I pulled out my Rowan Fine Tweed and decided to swatch for Peerie Flooers. The pattern calls for 3mm needles, but I only have 4mm circs. I tried it on those, but was coming out with the wrong stitch count. I went down to 3mm (using my dpns) and hit gauge perfectly. So a pair of 40cm 3mm circular needles have been ordered!

Back to the list I went, and realised that I now had yarns in my stash that I want to use up that weren't included on the original list. I've now updated it, to include the leftovers of the sofa bed afghan.

I already had two projects lined up for this. The brown and charcoal are going to be used to make a hot water bottle cover in the shape of a platypus, while the charcoal and natural colours will be used for the fabulous trilobite pattern by the amazing Mimi Hill.

As the weather seems to have raced through autumn in a bid to start winter early (seriously, it snowed in York on Friday!), starting the hot water bottle cover seemed to be a good idea. The pattern calls for 4.5mm needles; again, I only had 4mm or 5mm circs in the right length! I swatched on both, and quickly realised I would only hit gauge if I used 4.5mm! So back online I went, and that needle was ordered as well. I'll be starting that one when the needles arrive early next week.

Somewhat disheartened that neither of those projects could be started that night, I did briefly consider getting the shawl back out and finishing off that border. Of course, that's not what happened!

I cast on the trilobite instead.


  1. You are too funny :)

    Random question: what is it with the British and hot water bottles? Generally people don't use them in the US (though I do believe they're making some sort of comeback). I know that it's not particularly colder or wetter there than it is in parts of the US but it seems like every blog I read written by someone from the UK has a mention of hot water bottles at some point.

  2. Oh I will be down in York next week, I hope it doesn't really snow when I am down :) I am amused at Renee Anne's comment about hot water bottles....we sure do love using them when it gets cold don't we?

    Looks like you have plenty projects on the go :D At least you will be able to start your projects soon :) x

  3. Charlotte Dunning28 October 2012 at 13:28

    Shame you didn't have the needles for either of those patterns! I saw your pic of the trilobite on Instagram, looks great so far!

  4. Renee Ann, I was wondering that myself. I have not seen a hot water bottle in use here in the states since my grandparents from Germany used them.

    I love the fact that you also love to start many projects at the same time. Too bad about the needles though. But once you get all those cast on you will have lots of choices each day to choose from. Sounds like fun to me. Others will disagree with us though. But that's ok too.

  5. Different projects for different situations! that's what I aim for, anyway. Portable ones, simple ones, complicated ones...

  6. I only got mine earlier in the year, so I'm a new convert to having one. Never had one as a kid.

  7. But of course you cast on the trilobite instead! I hope your needles come quickly though as that little fellow won't take you long! What a brilliant hot water bottle cover--I foresee some bottle cover knitting in my future for my Grands as they live in a very drafty house and would probably love their own bedtime hot water bottle. My daughter used one quite often when she was younger as she found it soothing when she couldn't sleep. I almost dug ours out to lay my cheek on when I was having such jaw pain this month.
    Have a super week-

  8. Sarah - Crafts from the Cwtch29 October 2012 at 06:03

    Can't wait to see the shawl - I was expecting a FO too! :)

    I absolutely love Peerie Flooers - my friend has made the hat and I covet it every time I see her wearing it. Gorgeous design. Let's hope you get those needles quickly. xxx

  9. I have pillows filled with buckwheat and lavender that act like water bottles, and I'm in the US... of course, I'm also a former massage therapist, so I've been told I'm on the fringe of these things ;)

  10. Well I hope the shawl is finished now, I can't wait to see it! And I love the trilobite pattern, sometimes startitis just wins out!

  11. I have seen uncooked rice substituted for a water bottle, similar to the buckwheat.. I have a sac that fits around my neck perfectly..on stiff neck days I just nuke it to warm it then wrap!

    the trilobite looks like fun!

  12. I think I'm jealous... Gauge achieved with the prescribed needle size? WOW! I always have to go down a size or two...


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