Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Invisible threads are the strongest ties*

I am curious as to whether anyone else experiences this, or if it's just me... I do an awful lot of my knitting and crocheting in front of the telly, and often find myself making a permanent connection in my mind between the thing on my needles/hook and the images on the screen.

Take this scarf, for example:

This is the Victorian scarf I knit last year, as part of the first Year of Projects. Now, I watched quite a few different things on the TV while I knit this scarf, but for some reason the one that stuck, that is now forever connected to this scarf, the film I end up thinking about every time I see it, or wear it, is this...

Sky Captain and the bloody awful World of Tomorrow. I mean seriously, this film is awful. Why, brain, why did you decide to permanently etch this film into my memory by associating it with my beautiful scarf?

The associations aren't always that bad though. My crochet newsboy cap has a more pleasant association:

I wrestled with that brim all the way through Iron Man II. I finally got it, and realised where I'd gone wrong while Tony Stark was discovering his father's hidden element plan in the diorama.

My latest association has to be my favourite. While knitting on Momijigari last week, we settled down to catch up on the BBC's latest Shakespeare adaptations, The Hollow Crown. Yes, I know, it was broadcast ages ago, but we haven't been in the mood for Shakespeare for a few weeks, until last weekend. We'd got to Henry IV: Part II, so I lay back on the sofa, in a rather sleepy mood, and slowly made my way through the endless rows while quietly lusting after Tom Hiddlestone.

Do you do this too? I'd like to hear what sort of associations you've made between your projects and your knitting-accompaniment TV shows!

*quote by Frederich Nietzsche


  1. My Irish Hiking Scarf that was intended for me (but wound up going to my SIL as her bridal shower gift).....every time I think of it, I think of the endless hours of Torchwood that I watched (I was staying up at night watching three or four episodes at a time, working on the scarf)...after Torchwood, it was back to Doctor Who :)

    By the way, I need to send you photos of the Elephant (or, as Little Man calls it, Ellie)...they're on my phone.

  2. I find this fascinating, I usually have associations between what I am doing and the music I listen to as I listen to music more than watching the tv :)

  3. I absolutely do this, though I tend to make these associations with what music I'm listening to. . . And I make these associations between music and virtually everything. Not just what I'm making, but what's going on with my life. . . Which is why if something really traumatic is happening, I pretty much have to shut off any and all music for a long time, otherwise I'll never be able to listen to something again. :p
    Sensory memories are amazing, aren't they?

    That scarf is so pretty, btw. And I love the newsboy cap!

  4. How interesting you have these connections to your projects. I don't do this actually but it was fun to read about these bits of yours.

  5. I'm glad to hear that other people do this too! And so you're saying, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a cinematic masterpiece that we should all be watching?

  6. Absolutely! It's quite possibly the best film I've ever seen in the world... or it would be, if I hadn't seen Snow White and the Huntsmen. That was even better....
    Oh no, wait there, the other thing.


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