Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What's on my WIP shelf today

Wednesday already, so it's time to check out what is currently taking up space on my WIP shelf next to the sofa.

From the left then. The big green and purple blob is my half finished monster, Dave. Most of the knitting is done, all that's left is the spines in the horrendous sparkly silver yarn you can just see on the far right. I am not looking forward to knitting with that! It's scratchy and horrible. I may yet decide to do them in a different colour. We shall see. I have started assembly; the feet and tail have been attached. Haven't decided what do do for eyes yet, I may raid my felt stash and see what I can come up with.

Underneath Dave is the bright yellow and orange glow of Momijigari. I haven't picked this one up in weeks as the rows are so long now. It's not far from being finished, it just needs that final push.

As you can see, the neatly wound ball of Candy Skein Yummy Worsted indicates that I have frogged Calorimetry and am back on track with my plan to knit a pair of mitts to match my Kool Hat. I've done some calculations, and think I've got a pattern figured out.

My swatch to check the pattern works

Since swatching and drawing up my designs, I haven't done any actual knitting on them yet. I doubt they will take long though, as my Rapunzel Mitts were a very quick knit and I'm using the same basic design.

In front of the Candy Skein, you can see a neat ball of Natural Dye Studio Scheherezade, which I was using for my Cwtch Shawl. I can't show you the shawl itself, as it's been cast off and is waiting blocking.

The grey lump on the right is of course my poor neglected Eleonora. It has now been so long since I started picking up the stitches on the border that I'm now thinking I'll rip out the ones I have done and start over, just so I don't have to re-count the stitches already on the needles!

Delicately balanced on top, you will see my latest new project. My new needles arrived on Monday (I only ordered them on Friday night!) which meant I could cast on for the Hot Water Platypus! Very excited to be getting this project underway.

Head over to Tami's to see more WIP updates today!


  1. Lots of projects :) I hear you on the not wanting to knit with scratchy yarn, although the idea of silver spines does sound awesome! Mitts to match Kool Hat sound like a great plan - I love the pattern and might have to make another one for myself ;)

  2. You've got a lot goin' on and look how organized you are to have a WIP shelf :O)! I like how you're workin' all over the color spectrum.

  3. The green and purple blob looks like it would be an awesome hat.


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