Monday, 7 February 2011

More charity crocheting

Just the other day, I read a post on the Crocheting the Day Away blog, about a charity project based in Australia. The project is called Crochet a Rainbow, and is being organised by Sarah London. The idea behind the project is to make blankets/throws in bright, rainbow shades to donate to those affected by the recent flooding in Queensland.

I immediately decided I should take part, and have diverted yarn from the ongoing granny rectangle to make bright grannies for sending to Oz.

As it happened, the colours of acrylic I have form a perfect rainbow! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. So far I've done 11 (although I am yet to weave in my ends, so they're not completely finished with), but will try to do more before sending them across.

It doesn't take much time to whip up a few five-round grannies, so I heartily recommend everyone picks up a hook and gets crocheting for such a good cause.


  1. Your squares are so bright and cheerful, I love them! I'm hoping to send a few grannies to this project this month, too, I think it's a wonderful idea.

  2. What a great project. Who wouldn't be cheered up by rainbow colors?


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