Wednesday, 9 February 2011

WIP Wednesday

Not much to share today, although according to my Ravelry profile I've got five WIPs on the go. That isn't strictly accurate, as Purple Valentine is actually finished, I just haven't got any photos of it yet, nor any pics of it in progress, as it was such a quick and fun project. Amigurumi often are! I'll show you it on Friday, if you like.

Granny Rectangle is plodding along slowly, but I keep stealing the yarn for other, quick projects, such as the Crochet a Rainbow charity drive I blogged about earlier on in the week. So it grows at a very slow pace, one round a week if I am lucky!

Pom Pom scarf is just a silly side project I've got on my knitting needles for when I want a change of scene, a thinner rendition of my black and white pom pom scarf using this cheap novelty yarn I bought from ebay:

But of course the WIP I am most excited about is the Avalon top. I started it on Sunday, and successfully completed one motif while watching Lark Rise to Candleford. I've picked it back up again today, and am motoring through my second motif.

Almost time to join them, and thread the second motif onto my holding yarn.

I had hoped to have started another project by now, but I've been delayed in my yarn choices. It's a gift for someone, although I doubt she will see this blog I'm not going to go into specifics. But I had initially intended to use Wendy Happy, as I love the yarn and it made for three very lovely FOs when I used it before:

Unfortunately, I tested out the pattern for my gift on the yarn I had left over from the scarf above, and it's too slippery and fine to work in the pattern I've chosen. This is a shame, because I'd already kind of settled on the Libra colourway:

So I've had to have a rethink, and now I think I have settled on King Cole Zig-Zag 4 ply for socks, in the Lilac colourway:

Mostly because King Cole is the only yarn I can get hold of in the town I work in, as there is only one shop in the town centre that sells any yarn at all, and it's all King Cole. Otherwise I have to detour to Hobbycraft or John Lewis on my cycle home from the station, which is always awkward. But then my choices would mostly be Regia sock yarn, which is all too dark or too brightly coloured for my needs! Do people not want muted tones in their stripey socks?

So hopefully I can start that this weekend, and show you some progress on it next week.

There are some lovely WIPs in progresss elsewhere, head on over to Tami's blog and link up with everyone.


  1. Very nice projects all of them. Do you ever order yarn online to give you more choices?

  2. Hi Denise

    Yes, I am willing to buy online, but I do like to see the yarns in the flesh if I can, if for no other reason than to check the colour is correct. You can never tell with photos on computer screens.

    I'm still new to the whole "different sorts of yarn" (I've only been at this for nine months!) so sometimes ordering 'blind' online seems risky for me. But when I have such limited LYS choices, I guess I have to take the plunge!

  3. I can't to see how your Avalon top progresses! Doris Chan's patterns are gorgeous, but still way ahead of my crochet skill level. Your medallions look great, you are off to a fine start.

  4. Marushka - I'd be a lot more behind if Doris hadn't included a chart of the motif! The written instructions are a little confusing...

  5. Wow, the Avalon top is going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished.

    I like the purple yarn so I wouldn't stress about it. It's really pretty!

  6. Yikes! I just got tired looking at all of your projects. I love the libra colorway.

  7. Tami - I think the paler, muted colours would suit my gift's recipient more, but I shall have to take a risk on the slightly brighter purple!

    WonderWhyGal - thanks! I think the Wendy Happy knits better than it crochets, so I might use the Libra on one of the many lacy knits I have in my Rav queue

  8. The motifs for your Avalon top look just lovely so far. And I love that Libra colourway, it makes me want to just snuggle up with the skein! So soft and pretty.


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