Wednesday, 2 February 2011

WIP Wednesday

Pretty boring update today, as I don't have much on the hooks right now.

The granny rectangle has remained put to one side to make way for the more urgent Tiramisu, as it's intended recipient was born a whole 12 days early! So that is now finished, and will be unveiled in all its glory once I've delivered it.

I did make another square for 100 million stitches:

This is using the Hayfield Bonus Aran I used on my sofa throw and cushions. I have about half of the ball left, so I've started using it up on other projects. Because the yarn is a heavier weight, my square came out bigger, and not square, so I had to add a decorative border on two sides to even it out.

I do have one more project started, but no photos of it yet because it's not got interesting enough. It's the Lion Brand Elephant pillow and it's for yet another baby. I'm doing it with two strands of the yellow DK (the yarn used for Tiramisu) as the pattern calls for a heavier yarn than I have available. I've decided to veer away from blankets for this next baby, and try something a little more interesting!

I haven't started on the Avalon top yet, I think I might save that for the weekend ahead. Being more awake to tackle a new and scary pattern seems like a good idea to me.

For slightly more interesting WIP Wednesday updates, head on over to Tami's Amis and see what else is on offer.


  1. The square is lovely. I really like the top and bottom edges

  2. You have such good taste in squares! I love all of the ones you've made so far, and the kind of window/lattice pattern on this one is really interesting.

  3. I like this square too. Is the Avalon Top the one by Doris Chan?

  4. The square turned out pretty, but it was boring to crochet, and I made so many mistakes!

    Yes, Marushka, the Avalon top is by Doris Chan. It will be my first attempt at making something that actually has to fit somebody.

  5. You are awesome on the squares! What will you do with them all? An afghan?

  6. Great job on the square. Can't wait to see your Tiramisu blanket. (Babies are so unpredictable, aren't they?)


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