Sunday, 6 February 2011

A much delayed FO

I've had an FO to share since Tuesday, but couldn't post it on Friday for politeness's sake: it was a gift, and was only given this afternoon.

I finally finished the crochet on the Tiramisu at the start of the week. I did have something of an adventure over the ribbon, as my poor tired brain on Monday evening confused inches with centimetres. My lunchtime trip to Fabric Land was wasted, as despite sensibly buying two different colours of ribbon (as I couldn't choose between them without seeing them against the yarn), I only bought two metres of each, instead of four. So on the way home, I had to take a side trip to Hobbycraft to pick up four metres of ribbon. Fortunately, in Hobbycraft I could grab a ball of yarn in a similar colour to my blanket, and match the ribbon to it perfectly without having to rely on my memory of the colour.

The upside of that, though, is that I have two metres each of purple and pink ribbon, which I can use on a different project.

It took me over an hour to thread the ribbon through the border! But it looked amazing once I was done. Here's the proof:

I am sorry that I don't have a photo of the blanket in use from this afternoon, but little Georgie B looked absolutely adorable, snuggled up underneath it in her bouncy chair.


The last week was so busy, I barely had time to lift my camera to take photographs. So I didn't have much to choose from for my photo of the week. In the end, I've had to go with a tidied up version of the last photo above, because that blanket really was the focus of the week for me!

Hopefully this coming week I will have more chance to take photos, although I'm two days in already and all I've shot are project pics for Ravelry!

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  1. This is beautiful! I think the ribbon takes it from great to fabulous :-) This is the kind of blanket that little ones become attached to and want to use for years.


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