Sunday, 13 February 2011

Squares on a Sunday

Not likely to be a regular feature for me, as I don't currently have plans for a square-intensive project. Not being a sock-knitter, I don't have sock yarn scraps hanging around!

However, I have recently been crocheting squares for two very different charitable efforts.

First up is the International Women's Day 100 Million Stitches project. I found this project almost a month ago and have been making squares in amongst my other projects. I have made a total of six squares, mostly taken from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book.

The second orange block is the newest, which I started yesterday afternoon and finished off this morning. I am going to send these six squares off to Glasgow tomorrow.

Just last week, I came across a second square-related project: Sarah London's Crochet a Rainbow. I'll be honest, and say that making squares to be turned into colourful blankets for the flood victims tugged on a lot more heartstrings than the 100 million stitches "missing women" feminist angle. So I've done a fair few more squares for this one. Fifteen, so far.

A variety of plain and multi-coloured, along the rainbow theme. I have stopped on these for now, because they were getting dull (and I hate weaving in all those ends!), but as the project is ongoing with no real deadline, I may well come back to it at some point in a few weeks when other projects are over.

So there's my squares for Sunday. Head on over to Halfpint's blog to (hopefully) link up with other square enthusiasts!


  1. Beautiful squares, I love the twisty knot type one top right of the first set of pictrues and all the gorgeous rainbow colours on the second set of pictures. Thanks for linking

  2. In the first group, I love the two with the blue around the outside. (Hopefully you get which two I mean, one is the same Halfprint mentioned) and the second group is so pretty, just with all the colors.
    (PS: Kokoem is my rav name, I always use it when signing blogs of other Ravelers)


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