Saturday, 7 May 2011

Argh! Snake!

I finished my coral snake and I am so pleased with it, I just can't hold on till Friday to share.

Pattern: Coral Snake by Deb Richey (free on the website)
Yarn: Sirdar Bonus DK in black, red and yellow (leftovers from the Granny Rectangle)
Hook: 4mm

I made very few modifications to the pattern. I did all nine repeats of the body, which means he's 46" long, nose to tail. It did get a bit unwieldy to work on towards the end! I left off the tongue, as I felt it would look a bit silly, and replaced the recommended safety eyes with buttons, sewn on to the head once I'd finished the crocheting part.

He's going to live in my Dragon Tree, George.

If you're wondering where the project name came from, it was this silly viral internet video that was popular when I was at University:


  1. xxxmckingbirdxx7 May 2011 at 17:06

    He's so cute. I love him. I think I may need to make a snake of my own.

  2. He's cool! Those song videos really get stuck in your mind don't they? My kids are always singing the one about mangoes

  3. I hadn't seen the BADGER BADGER BADGER video in ages, thank you for the reminder of its fun bizarro-world ness! :D That snake came out so cool---I love the button eyes (I think they work better than safety eyes, in this case) and he looks perfect nestled into the tree. And right now I'm trying not to go sift through my yarn bins to see if I have the right colours for one of my own...

  4. Ha! Badger badger badger!!

  5. He looks fantastic, love that you have him in the tree, wonder if anyone will think he is real at first glance. I remember the badger clip too, had an enjoyable minute singing along to the badger badgers.

  6. He looks very happy up his tree!

  7. OMG. Love the snake. I had a real snake for years. This is awesome!!!!

  8. Oh, I love him! The eyes look great, much better than safety eyes. He looks so cool in his tree ;)

  9. What a super idea! Really fun.


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