Friday, 20 May 2011

A Bumper Crop

Lots of FOs to share today! Including one project that's been hanging about for ages waiting for me to finish it off. The second pair of Fingerless Lace Gloves is finally done!

Pattern: Afternoon Tea Fingerless Lace gloves by Dora Ohrenstein (direct link here)
Yarn: Patons 100% Cotton 4ply in navy blue
Hook: 2.5mm

As I've mentioned before, the first time I worked up this pair, I realised the mistake in the pattern for working them in the round was far more noticeable in this pair than in my pair made from Patons Fairytale Dreamtime, so I had to work out a better way. Basically, the increase you do for the thumbhole ends up in the wrong place if you follow the directions exactly, so you have to switch the rounds over from left hand to right hand to get the thumb hole above the increase, where it looks neater. So the first glove I did looked wrong, and the second glove I made I missed out a round, so I had to frog both and start over! I'm glad I did though, because they've come out really nicely.

I really like my choice of pearl buttons, although the button holes are a little clumsy. I didn't block the main part of the glove, only the cuffs, as they were a little squashed up and you couldn't see the window pattern properly.

I had to do each section separately, so it took ages! But I'm glad I did it, because the cuffs are so much neater afterwards.

On Wednesday I mentioned I'd started work on some slippers. They were finished pretty quickly, especially once I'd decided to ignore the pattern for the strap, and make up my own.

I have woven the ends in, I just haven't taken another picture of them since!

Pattern: Room Shoes (direct link to English version here)
Yarn: Sirdar Bonus DK in pale blue and yellow
Hook: 5mm

The pattern calls for two strands of DK held together, so I used two different colours to create an interesting variegated effect. This meant the strap pattern wasn't suitable, as it used one strand of DK to make flowers, and I tried it out and didn't like it, as each flower would have to be one colour, not two. So I improvised.

I joined my yarn 12 stitches from the middle of the back, ch18 and joined with a slst to the corresponding 12th st on the opposite side. Slipped into the next unworked side stitch, ch1, turned, did 17 hdc across and joined to the side with a sl st in the next unworked side stitch. Then slst into next unworked side stitch, ch1, turn. hdc2tog, 13hdc, hdc2tog, join to side with sl st in next unworked stitch and fasten off.

I also found some mistakes in the pattern. I was following the large size, but round seven seems to be incorrect as the stitch count just doesn't add up. So I added an extra sc2tog after the (sc2tog, sc) section, and did 25 sc instead of the listed 20 sc to get back to the start of the round. I also added an extra round 8, just plain single crochet, to finish them off properly.

They fit really well, and are just the right amount of warm. I think I might make another pair, this time using the red and purple yarn I've got left.

My last FO for today is a real quick one. Ages ago I bought some really silly novelty yarn on eBay:

with a view to making another scarf like my Marbella scarf. As I only had two balls, not three, I cast on fewer stitches to make a narrower scarf with hopefully enough length.

Pattern: basic stocking stitch scarf
Yarn: random novelty yarn from eBay
Needles: 6mm straights

I cast on six stitches, as it gave me the nicest arrangement of blue pompoms among the white. They kind of ripple up the scarf like a wave, which is really pretty. And of course, it's incredibly snuggly!

For more FOs and fiber arts, head on over to Tami's or Beth's to see what the others have been up to.


  1. I love the gloves!  They have a vintage feel.

  2. Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch20 May 2011 at 11:07

     Some great items - I especially like your cute novelty scarf. If I made that I know my little girl would pinch it before it was finished!! 

  3. That bobbly novelty yarn always confuses me, I just can't figure out how it works! I know if I tried it then it'd probably click, but I like being confused and impressed at the same time ;) Love the lace gloves and the slippers too :)

  4. Once you get past the trickiness of casting on, it's actually really easy to knit with - one stitch per stretch of cord between bobbles. 

  5. Loving the gloves....I may try it sometime. 

  6.  Just favorited the glove pattern. Love the pearl buttons with navy. Very nice job!

  7. Those gloves are gorgeous.  Such beautiful crochet.

  8. Wonderful projects - I definitely like how the blue ripples through the scarf too. Very lovely! 

  9. What a great post ... very inspiring!  I think I think to add those lace gloves to my que. 

  10.  Everything is just great! I love the scarf. 

  11. Great work! I love the gloves most!

  12.  Those gloves are so elegant, I love them!!

    Also, the slippers turned out so cute -- kinda like crocheted  MaryJanes. :DThanks so much for sharing the pattern!

  13. Your projects are great and I'm impressed at how you work out the mistakes in the patterns. I still find pattern mistakes either intimidating or annoying.

    That pom pom yarn worked up into a sweet scarf.

  14. Those slippers are ca-Ute!!

  15. Those slippers are fabulous!  They're so bright and comfy-looking, I sort of want to make a pair.  I love hearing about how you troubleshoot patterns, too.

  16.  I especially love those slippers.  What a great idea to hold together the 2 different colors!

  17.  I love love love those fingerless gloves - I'm pretty sure they are in my Ravelry queue! I really need to make them they are so pretty! And they have buttons! I haven't made anything with buttons in a while! I've also wanted to try that pom pom yarn but haven't gotten round to it yet - might do it as a christmas present for someone! x

  18. Those gloves are great!


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