Monday, 9 May 2011

Photo failure

I knew this day would come. 18 weeks into my 52 week photo challenge, and I don't have a photo for the week.

Between the Royal Wedding, May Day bank holiday weekend (I knew I should have taken my camera to the beer festival!) and coming back to work after my long break, I managed to take very few photos at all. In fact, the only shots I've taken have been project photos for the blog/Ravelry, which don't usually fulfil my criteria for being "good enough to upload to Flickr".

So I've had to cheat slightly, and extend week 18 by a couple of days, so photos I rushed out to take yesterday will count!

I took advantage of a break in the clouds (it has been alternately raining very heavily and sunny here all weekend) to take some shots in the garden, with Mr Fidget's able assistance:



I just love how these shots really highlight the changes in his fur colour. His face is still black, but his flanks have tanned to a lovely shade of brown, since he's been sleeping out in the sun, and the white hairs in his beard are really showing.
Sycamore seeds

I am always surprised by how early sycamore seeds appear on the tree. They won't ripen for months, but here they are already.
Porcelain Berry Vine flowers

Our battle with the porcelain berry vine continues - the rain from the weekend has caused a massive growth spurt; trailing stems are now reaching the house, so we need to do some drastic cutting back before it takes over the alleyway! It's starting to flower though, so hopefully the worst of the growth is over.

Stare 2

This is the shot I've gone for as photo of the week. He heard a noise over by the fence where the other cats come in, and was so focused on it, even though there was nothing there.


  1. xxxmckingbirdxx9 May 2011 at 12:52

    What a pretty cat. He looks so stern and serious.

  2. We've got a major territory war going on at the moment, so he's always alert and ready to fight when he goes outside. He's a very professional cat!

  3. What a noble looking cat!

  4. Mr. Fidget is a very handsome boy! Great pictures!

  5. Those are terrific pictures.

  6. Fidget was surprisingly accommodating. Usually he refuses to sit still for even a second when I have the camera trained on him!

  7. A worthy photo of the week, I'd say! I think I've missed something, what is the 52 week photo challenge? Is it something you set yourself or are other people taking part? I'm sure you've explained before, hope you don't mind me asking!

  8. It's just something I decided to do myself, really. I joined a group over on Flickr because my friend Danni suggested it, but I don't always share my photo there. I've got a few photography challenges ongoing, I blogged about them back in December:

  9. Thanks for the link, looks like a wonderful idea, these structured challenges are great for motivation!


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