Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Of making things.

I haven't really done anything worthy of reporting on my remaining WIPs. I failed to sort out blocking my gloves and vest at the weekend, and at most have managed a few extra rounds on my sock.

Not to say I haven't been busy though! In amongst everything, I found time to make a few things.

Like these cheese scones:


Jamie made me put far more cheese in than the recipe suggested, but it was worth it, as they were delicious. I'd have preferred fruit scones, but had no sultanas in the cupboard.

I also crocheted some booties. Not baby booties, but full size adult ones!

The yarn colour disguises the pattern somewhat, they are Hexagon Boot Slippers, made by joining three large hexagons and attaching to a rectangular sole. They're too big for me, but as you can see, they fit Jamie better! Rather saggy around the heel, but I think this is a fault of the overly simple construction. They'd look awesome with multiple solid colours. I might be tempted to try again, maybe with the bright coloured DK I've got hanging around. See if I can't modify it to fit better.

The last thing I made this weekend was a wrist cuff to hold my mp3 player. We've started running again, now the evenings are lighter and the weather is more amenable. But my tiny mp3 I take running no longer clips to my clothes, as I broke my case.

You can see how tiny it is! I improvised a design, taking inspiration from the few free mp3 cuff crochet patterns I could find on Ravelry.

It fits very neatly in the pouch, and is nice and snug on my wrist.

Sadly I didn't take any photos of it during construction, nor did I make any notes of what I did. But it wasn't tricky. If I can find the time, I will try and write it out properly.

Taking it out for a test drive tonight!


  1. You can make those cheese scones in my house any time. Yum.

  2. And mine! I think the cuff is a great idea - I wouldn't normally associate knitting with sport.

  3. Those scones look delectable. I like savoury scones, I found a really nice recipe for a tomato-rosemary variety a while back.

    And I love your mp3 cuff! Nice yarn, really cool design. I hope it works perfectly. :)

  4. The cuff did indeed work perfectly. Very comfy, no worries over the player falling out. My wrist didn't overheat either, which is good.


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